Hi Joshua,

My friend Sue thought I might ask you this…I am 55, run a wonderful natural food store for 27 years with my dear friend, Sue. Two years ago I started getting headaches. Terrible pain when I coughed, sneezed, or bent over that last for 10-30 minutes. I finally went for an MRI and discovered I had 2 benign brain tumors.

Being naturally minded, and experienced helping so many others with their health, I manage the pain, but can’t get them to go away. I feel so overwhelmed, and disappointed. And I would like to cough and clear my throat without the hurt. I am doing what I know to help naturally, chiropractic and message. But I feel stuck, and have been having a pity party all week. I worry about talking too much about my ailment and focusing on it, but its right there every day. I’m not sure what my question is…maybe you have some insight that will help me move forward.

Thank you so much~Chris

Dear Chris,

All unwanted physical conditions stem from resistance. If you had no resistance, you would have no unwanted physical conditions. The physical condition is a symptom. There is no use treating the symptom, you must discover the issue that causes the symptom. You must resolve your resistance. You must look at what is creating stress in your life.

Ultimately, you create your own stress and inner conflict because you do not feel that things are going the way they should. The “should” word is a stressful word. Things should be different. People should be better. I should be better than I am. I should know what to do. Things should have turned out differently. I should have done this rather than that. That person should not have done that and had that not happened, my life would have been better.

Unwanted physical conditions are just messages. That’s all they are. Negative emotion is also a message. You feel negative emotion and the message is “You are looking at this from a perspective that is not beneficial. Find a higher perspective. Look at it differently. Look at it in a way that is empowering. Do what you can to find a better point of view.” Since you have mostly ignored the messages of negative emotion, your body has brought you the same message in the form of these headaches.

What are you resisting? You are resisting how your life has unfolded. Your life has unfolded perfectly, but you carry with you some resentment and regret. If things had happened differently, your life would be better than it is. That’s not true at all. Everything happened perfectly to bring you here to this moment of reckoning. Now that you are here, what are you going to do?

You don’t need to fix your headaches, because as long as you choose to approach life from the perspective that things have gone wrong, your headaches will continue to inform you of your limited perspective. Once you realize that everything is perfect as it is and you can now move into the reality you prefer from this wonderful place where you now stand, your body will no longer need to send you this message.

Remember, negative emotion is simply an indication that you are focused on something in a way that is not in alignment with who you really are or what you truly want. Choose another perspective until you find one that causes the feeling of relief. That is the higher perspective. That perspective will be aligned with what you really want. Nothing serious is going on here. When you take life too seriously, you tend toward the limited perspective. When you choose to be light, easy, and have fun, everything just works out for you. Be easy and have fun. Be light. Be thankful for your guidance system. Know that it is all working out. Know that it all has purpose. Know that nothing wrong has happened or will happen. Understand that this is a journey of joyous expansion. You are going to expand. That’s inevitable. But will you bring joy to your expansion?

You are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more than you could ever count.