Dear Joshua,

I was diagnosed last August with stage 4 stomach cancer. I was in shock and couldn’t believe that I had cancer. I looked healthy and I was only 50. Took me a few months but a friend, Steve, shared with me what he believed about why we are here…..he shared your book. It took me a few months of being angry, placing blame, feeling sorry for myself, and thinking Steve was nuts before I really listened to what he was telling me. I’m stubborn in my beliefs :). But as I listened, I found myself agreeing with a good part of what he was telling me. Religion never made much sense to me as it is all man made. So since then, I’ve dumped more than a few of my old beliefs and concentrated on what message my body was sending me. I was unhappy at work, couldn’t seem to lose that extra 35 lbs, I had a negative attitude and wasn’t enjoying my life. So since then I am on disability so I get to go, do and see whatever I fancy on any given day. I’ve lost 50 lbs and feel more like when I was younger. I am a positive person now that consciously strives to be more positive. So why is it that my last CT scan shows there is more cancer? I went into this last appointment with the belief I was going to be told that it was diminishing not increasing. So what limiting belief is holding me back from perfect health?

I made a list of a few of my beliefs or what could be a belief ….

1. I caused my body to show cancer so that I could become aware of where I really wanted to go.

2. My cancer has gotten worse. (Very limiting)

3. I may not recover. (Why would I even put this out there?)

4. Believe on some deep level that my work caused this.

5. I may want the attention from having cancer? Or I may want to keep it to ensure I stay disabled and not have to go back to my job. (Both of these seem silly since I also know I could always get a different job that I have a passion for or just retire, and this kind of attention has a negative vibe).

I know I create and I know I have the answers but I can’t seem to access them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Dear Cherie,

The key to uncovering a negative belief is your emotions. If you feel negative emotion as a result of something you are thinking about, there is fear there. The negative emotion let’s you know that there is a fear and you can deal with it. There are only two kinds of emotion; love and fear. When you experience a positive emotion, you are experiencing a belief that aligns with some loving thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When you experience a negative emotion, you are experiencing fear.

Your job is not to remove all the fearful thoughts from your mind, for that is not possible. Once a fear exists, it is always with you. All you can do is reduce the intensity of the fear by changing your perspective.

Let’s talk about the fear of death. This is a very common fear for most humans because they believe that death is somehow the end to life. That fear-based belief is limiting. Death is simply the transition from this limited form of reality you call physical existence, to the infinite reality of the nonphysical realm. Life is your temporary experience of what it’s like to be physical. Life is like a quick trip to an exotic land. Nonphysical is your home. So release your fear of this easy transition and realize that you are eternal and there is no death.

You also have a fear of loss. You believe that if you were to die, then you would lose all that you have in this physical environment, however you cannot lose anything. From the nonphysical realm you will be infinitely closer to all those still existing in physical reality. You will be with them, literally, inside their minds and bodies. You will be able to watch them from a higher and wiser perspective, just as we see you. Your love for them will be expansive and absolute, where now it is limited and guarded. All of your interests that you enjoy in the physical will flow with you in the nonphysical as well. So please realize that there is no diminishment of experience from the nonphysical and there is no loss.

You have led your life in a way that has not served who you really are. Now you are awakening to the fact that there is much more to physical reality than you previously thought. But there is much more to you than you thought as well. You have been resisting who you really are for the entirety of your life. You have been living a limited existence. Your cancer has brought you to a new level of consciousness and this is a giant leap forward. So while you are condemning your cancer as something unwanted, we see it as the vehicle that has brought you to a very high and new level of understanding. Before the cancer you were asleep and now you are awakening. Start to see your cancer as a gift and you will be able to put it into the proper perspective.

You hate your cancer and that hate is an indication of fear, right? When you feel negative emotion you are uncovering a fear. Hate is a negative emotion. So your job is to alter your perspective about the subject of your cancer until you feel some relief. Your cancer will stay with you until you align with the reason it came; to help you understand more of who you really are, why you’re really here, and how this all works to bring you what you really want. When you can see it as a gift, you’ll feel relief and this is the fist step. Your goal is not to cure your cancer. Your goal is to understand that your cancer eventually brought you to a point in your life where you would be able to radically change your course. You cannot do anything to rid yourself of your cancer. You can only choose to be in a way where the cancer is no longer necessary.

The cancer came to bring you to a new level of consciousness where you understood certain things. You are the creator of your life which means you created the cancer. You have complete freedom to choose to focus on things you want and appreciate or you can choose to focus on what is with contempt. Your cancer came to point out that your previous approach to life was limiting for you. You were constantly and continually resisting the conditions you found yourself in. This is contrary to the intentions you set prior to your birth into this physical environment. The truth is you are a powerful creator here to explore life through the pursuit of your passions. The fact is that you resisted this chosen path because of many deeply-held fears. You limited your life experience by living a small and safe life. Your cancer came to show you that your attention was on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive aspects.

You are learning to appreciate life, but every time you do, you feel negative emotion and this is your indication that you are still choosing to live in fear. As long as this fear persists, you are still resisting who you really are. That is okay. What you have learned in this life will carry forth to the next. There is no rush. You have countless opportunities to learn how this all works in many lifetimes to come. However, if you can understand it here, in this life, then maybe there will be no need to learn it all over again in the next lifetime.

You are a powerful creator and your creation is you. You cannot do anything wrong for there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Your cancer is not wrong, it is a gift. If you decide to use this gift, then you will forsake everything you have learned about living a good life up to this point. If you decide to view it as a gift, you will begin to radically alter the course of your life. The vast majority of people do not change in these situations. Most will continue to judge their condition as wrong. Most will blame the cancer for their problems. But a few will understand the message and will consciously decide to see the conditions as perfect.

Can you see your present condition as perfect? Can you see that the cancer is an illusion? Can you see that if you continue to blame the conditions for your state of being, the conditions cannot change? Can you see that it is not the removal of cancer you seek, but the complete and radical change in your approach to life that is necessary? Can you see that your point of focus has been on what is unwanted and now it can only be on what is wanted? Can you see that a cure for cancer is not what you want because that is simply complaining about the condition that is rather than focusing on what is wanted? If you can see these things, then you have adjusted your point of focus onto what is wanted rather than trying to get away from what is not wanted.

It is extremely difficult to begin to place your focus on what is wanted when all you want to do is remove yourself from what is. Your attention is so squarely focused on the problems that exists and you are trying so hard to solve these problems, that the problems can only get bigger. It just won’t work. So stop trying.

Now, think about what you love. If you don’t love anything, think about what you like. Think about what is interesting. Think about what is fun. Think about what is exciting. Slowly remove your judgement about what is and place it on anything more interesting. Give up the fight to change the conditions and simply do whatever you want the moment you want to do it.

There is a lot for you to learn. We will send along our other books just in case you haven’t read them yet. Our teachings will not cure your cancer for it will always be there in some form. The potential for cancer exists for everyone. Some realize that potential and some do not. Those who do not have cancer just don’t know they have it and therefore they are not fighting against it. Those who do not have cancer are not joyous because they don’t have it. They are joyous because the choose to focus on what brings them joy.

You are loved more than you can imagine and you are doing very well indeed.