Dear Joshua,

Thank you for answering my last question and for the book.

As I take it all in, I find myself asking more questions.

I have seen evidence of positive open thoughts bringing more into my life. How do I stop the thoughts I don’t want to have? To stop myself from bringing more of that into my life? Any tried and true methods?

I also am finding that there are people in my life who are already following the laws of attraction. One lady in particular is very religious but is following her gut feelings (with the thoughts that God is giving her those feelings). She is someone who always seems to land on the top no matter what she has to go thru. When things seem to be going not so well for yourself, resentment can come into play. I realize by changing me, my thoughts and expectations that I too can be in that same place as her. Enjoying life. I find myself studying her.

Another friend of mine has tried to simplify this for me……..that I should only think positive loving thoughts and everything will work out. But as I read this book, it doesn’t sound that simple or easy. It sounds like work and a lot of change. As an aware newbie, can it be that simple?

I have read about a third of this book. It’s not something I can gobble down like any other entertaining book, but I read in sections and then reread. But needles to say, I’m fascinated.

Thank you,

Dear Cherie,

The laws of the universe are simple. The mechanism of physical reality is simple. The Law of Gravity is also a simple concept. But there is a lot going on and a lot to learn so that you can work with these laws rather than against them.

While it is nice to think positive thoughts and to reject negative thoughts, this doesn’t really help until you understand the fundaments behind such thoughts. There are no positive or negative thoughts. There are no positive or negative people. There are no positive or negative things. There are no positive or negative conditions. Everything in the universe is neutral. It’s your personal judgment that makes something either positive or negative for you.

So you have an approach to life where you are constantly and chronically judging everything. This too is part of the design. The way you naturally choose what you want is by identifying what you don’t want. However, you’ve allowed fear to enter into your thought process and your judgments are made without the knowledge of universal laws.

You know all about the Law of Gravity. Now imagine you throw a ball into the air. You expect it to come down. You are not surprised, shocked, or angry that it came down, you expected it to because you know about the Law of Gravity. You did not expect the ball to stay in the air, you knew it would come down. Now imagine you’re in space and you throw that same ball in the air. It doesn’t come down. You know there is no gravity in space and so you are not surprised, angry or indignant, when the ball does not come back down.

Now imagine a life where you know about the Law of Attraction. When something good happens to you you are not surprised because you know that your good feelings and general appreciation for life would be reflected back to you in your reality. If something bad happens, you know that this was a manifestation event that occurred for your personal growth. You would not resent it, you would not want it to be different, you would not get angry, you would simply realize that there is something off in your vibration and this event occurred to help you straighten it out and to expand in the process. You would know it was for your benefit and you would be glad it happened.

But, if you did not know anything about the laws of the universe and something good happened, you might call it luck. When something bad happened, you might call it failure, misery, wrong, or a tragedy. In these cases you might blame others and feel like a victim. You might feel bad and miss the point altogether. Then, as a reaction of looking at the situation in a way that does not serve you, you continue feeling bad every time you think of it. Now, not understanding the laws of the universe, you don’t realize that these bad feelings attract bad thoughts (in your judgment) and you face a reality that reflects your chronic feelings.

So you see that there is more to it than just thinking positive thoughts and avoiding negative thoughts. You must become chronically focused on what is wanted and that is to feel good. You must look at positive events (such as meeting us) as wonderful things you created yourself. You must look at those things you might have judged as negative in the past as wonderful opportunities for growth that were created specifically for you. When you come to this level of understanding, you will have adopted an approach to life that in perfectly aligned with everything you want. Just remember that the only thing you really want is to feel good. The only way to get what you want is to feel good. The only person who can make you feel good is you. You are personally responsible for how you choose to feel. If you haven’t felt good for a while, then this will seem like work. If you are used to feeling good then this will be the most natural thing in the world to you and it will be easy.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you can believe.