Dear Joshua,

I was diagnosed last summer with Stage 4 stomach cancer. My expectations were that I was living to 106 with no or little medication. I feel like I got thrown under the bus. My life and the lives of my family and friends were changed. I went on to do chemotherapy and cannabis oils which seemed to work on the scans that I had. Went in last week for total removal of my stomach as this appears to be the only cure. Doctor ended up just doing exploratory instead because he could see the cancer in other places.

Don’t get me wrong – I have found many positive changes from the cancer such as: after 25 years at the same job, I do not have to work; brought me closer to my parents and some friends; lets me just enjoy my life as I can be outside rather than in a bldg at a desk. But now the doctors want me to go back to doing chemotherapy. I think I’m done with feeling sick. A friend told me that our bodies can regenerate itself in 7 years. What are your thoughts?

Thank you,

Dear Cherie,

Your life was changed by this physical condition. You are here on earth at this time to expand, which really means changing so that you can become more. At an early age you experienced contrast which led you to know what you really wanted. As soon as you identified what was wanted, the universe, through the Law of Attraction and other universal forces, led you to the manifestation of what was wanted. However, in order for you to receive what you wanted, you had to change. The resistance to this change caused inner conflict and stress on the body. You cannot resist becoming who you really are for very long. Eventually something happens to wake you up to the change that must be made.

All unwanted physical conditions are the result of resistance. The resistance is to what is. The resistance is to the conditions of your life. The resistance is to the life you are presently living compared to the life you are really reaching for. Give up resistance, allow the change to occur, and the unwanted physical condition must fade.

You have lived in some sort of resistance for a very long time. The resistance you feel is normal to you. You have become accustomed to it. You are used to the way you predominantly feel and to your resistant thoughts. It is almost who you believe you are. And so when we say you are resisting very strongly, you believe that you are not resisting at all. You cannot see your own resistance. But, if someone else were to occupy your body and think your thoughts, they would be amazed at how resistant you really are.

The way you have been approaching your life for most of your life seems normal to you. You do not like certain aspects of your life, yet you do not allow the change that must take place for you to become who you want to be. You had visions for your life and those visions have not manifested because you have resisted the change.

We have an analogy for the change that must take place for you to receive what you want. Your life is like a freight train barreling down the tracks. Up ahead, the universe is laying new track and the course of your life is altered slightly with every new section of track. However, you are a powerful train and you resist the new direction of the track. You maintain your heading and since there is so much momentum behind you, you eventually resist the new course so much that you simply jump tracks.

In this case, you encounter a very big manifestation that causes you to rethink everything in you life. At this point, when something so big has occurred so that you can no longer continue with the routine of resistance, you stop and analyze your life. The conditions of your life can now be seen from a whole new perspective. You were resisting change all along and now you can resist it no longer. Change has come, there’s no doubt about that now.

From this new perspective, you can either appreciate what you have, what is good, what is wanted in your life, or you can resent the disease for showing up and changing your life. The choice is yours. You can either appreciate how good your life was and still is, or you can resent your life as it unfolded in this manner.

We see that you are open to appreciate the value that this disease brings and you can look at some of the good things that have already manifested as a result. But can you relax into the wellbeing that is being sent to you and realize that everything has happened perfectly to bring you to where you are now? This is the key question. It is not a matter of your body, because your body is simply the vehicle of your manifestation. When another person jumps the track in his or her life, it could manifest as a car accident, a divorce, being fired from a job, or any number of unwanted events. The key is to understand that the previous approach to life was not working and a radical change must be made.

Your body has the ability to regain perfect alignment with well-being. The vast majority of cells in your body are perfectly aligned with that well being right now. When you can allow yourself to go with the flow of this manifestation, you can realign with all that is wanted and become well once again. In order to do this, you must think of the cancer as a gift, for that is truly what it is. Without the cancer, you might not have found us. There is much to understand about the mechanism of physical reality. We will attach a book for you to read so that you can learn a little more about what’s really going on here. But for now realize that everything is unfolding perfectly and there is nothing to worry about. The change has occurred. Now it’s time to embrace what is and see where it takes you. This is really an exciting time for you and the appropriate response is anticipation.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you can ever know.