Hi Joshua,

I’m writing to you with a question about fear. Generally I feel happy, abundant and loved; however I cannot seem to figure out what belief I must have that plagues me with fear that something bad might happen. I constantly double and triple check doors are locked or the stove is off. I am very by the book when it comes to my job with fear of repercussions should I choose to deviate. I regularly second guess myself that a conversation I had may have been taken different than I intended and could have offended the person in some way. This is driving me crazy and I would love to have your perspective as to why I attract these anxieties and thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much. Much love.

Dear Cassandra,

The fear you have is a common one and it is rooted in the belief that you are not worthy of all you desire. The worthiness issue is the plague that confines you by the belief that you must do certain things in certain ways to maintain the appearance of worthiness. Unworthiness causes you to feel like a fraud. You don’t want to be discovered. You feel like you’re interacting with others who are so much more worthy than you. The secret is that most of them feel just as you do. You are terrified that they will find out about you and they are afraid of being found out themselves.

As you have probably read by now, this is a system of perception. We call this your reality because no one can perceive your experience of physical reality the way you are experiencing it. How you perceive your world to be is how it really is for you. If you perceive yourself to be inferior to others when it comes to worthiness, you will feel small in comparison. If you were to know your own absolute worthiness as we see it, you would perceive life quite differently.

Every aspect of physical reality would change if you could know your own value. You are a unique addition to all that is and in that fact, you can understand your own worthiness. You are absolutely worthy. This means that there has never been another as worthy as you are and there will never be another as worthy as you are right now in this moment. Until you understand this, you will continue to feel fear. Once you embrace your own worthiness and value, your fear will begin to dissipate.

So then, how does one come to acknowledge their own worthiness? You must learn about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. We have written several books on this subject, but we will synthesize it for you here in just a few paragraphs.

Before your decision to experience this life, you existed in the nonphysical realm. A part of you, your inner self, still exists in the nonphysical. From your vantage point in the nonphysical, you chose to come to physical reality to experience life and expand. You are an eternal being and in the nonphysical realm, which is absent of fear, you knew your own undeniable worthiness. You knew the worthiness of all others. In the nonphysical there is no judgment, only love.

In physical reality you have the ability to explore any aspect of it you choose. There are many things to experience here. Unlike the nonphysical space, you can experience contrast which causes desire which leads to expansion. However, you have a guidance system that can be utilized to move you in the direction of what you want. This guidance system utilizes your emotions. There are only two emotions; love and fear. All goodfeeling emotions are based in love and all bad-feeling emotions are based in fear. Your beliefs, thoughts, and inner feelings create your reality. Your inner world creates your outer world. The world you see around you, the conditions that form your life, are a reflection of what you want and what you believe and what you fear.

You have two kinds of beliefs; beneficial and limiting. When you feel positive emotion such as excitement, happiness, love, interest, etc. this is an indication that how you are perceiving something aligns with what you want and who you really are. It means that you are perceiving the subject in a way that is beneficial. It means you are on the right track to receiving what you truly want. When you perceive something as wrong or bad, and you feel negative emotion, that is an indication that you have a limiting belief and you are resisting what you want to come to you. You have some limiting belief that is based in fear.

So, you are an eternal being who has lived many lives and you came here on purpose to explore reality. You are absolutely worthy and you are unique. You have a guidance system which helps you navigate your reality and move toward what you want. You can be, do and have anything you want in this reality. Since you are eternal and you are unique and you can do anything you want, you must realize you are worthy. This reality was created for you. This is your world, literally. You are at the center of your own unique universe. You are the absolute creator of you. You are limitless.

That’s the basis of physical reality. For you to feel less than limitless does not fit within the structure of this system, yet we understand how this can happen. You were raised in a way that caused you to falsely believe that you were not the center of the universe. That’s okay, because you chose this. You chose your parents and the time and place of your birth because you knew it would set you on this specific trajectory toward that which you came here to explore. In physical reality you come in without the memory of your past lives or how you existed in the nonphysical. You come in as a vulnerable child. You must now come to embrace who you really are.

You are an unlimited being of pure positive love. Everyone is. You chose a childhood which allowed you to be fooled into thinking you were less than this. Your experiment is to see if you can find your way back to being who you really are. You will become who you really are when you transition to the nonphysical. However, what you would really like to do is become who you really are while living in physical reality.

This is your specific mission. Can you become who you really are while living in physical reality? Can you move from this limited version of you, full of fear and doubt, and become the authentic you who is a powerful being of acceptance and love? We know that you are already moving in that direction because somehow, miraculously, you’ve found us. If you were not well on your way to a place where fear no longer binds you, you would not have made contact with us. We are proof that you are beginning to see through the illusion of physical reality and become who you are meant to be.

There are several things you can do to progress towards feelings of worthiness and this will ease your fears.

You can begin to meditate each day for a few minutes. Meditation will teach you to remove thoughts of self-doubt and replace them with more empowering thoughts. You are what you think you are so meditation will help you to think better thoughts.

You must read everything you can regarding the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe. As you read our words and the words of others who teach these principles, you will become more clear about who you really are. The illusion that you are less than perfect will begin to fade.

You must come to accept and acknowledge that your childhood was designed to launch you on a trajectory toward becoming who you are. You wanted to be fooled into believing that you were unworthy and then come to understand your true worthiness. This is an exhilarating assent and it is one that many eternal beings wish to explore. As an eternal being you cannot understand worthiness. This kind of exploration causes you to know how truly worthy you are.

You must come to understand that fear can only be present when your perspective is limited. You have a perspective on life which we call dualistic. Things are either good or bad, right or wrong. You are judgmental and you categorize everything into one of two columns; good or bad. We want you to understand that there is no good or bad, there is only what is. You decide if anything is good or bad from your point of perception. You can choose to see everything in a way that serves you. If you think it is wrong, try to reframe it so that it is empowering. If you don’t like it, ignore it. If you can’t ignore it, choose to see it differently. Find a way to see it in another light.

Realize that everyone is on a journey to becoming who they really are. They are all uniquely worthy, yet they cannot see their true worthiness either. Some feel more worthy than others, but all have doubt in this regard. And so you are not so different than anyone else. Allow them to deal with their own insecurities, but do not let them influence you away from who you really are. They cannot create in your reality unless you allow them to do so by accepting their influence over you.

Do not compare yourself to others, only to prior versions of you. Learn to appreciate your expansion as you become closer to who you really are. You are not competing with anyone else. You do not know what anyone else is feeling, thinking, or going through. They are all on their unique journey and so are you. They have come to explore life in a unique way which has nothing to do with you. They will perceive you just as you perceive yourself. If you are feeling less than, they will treat you less than. If you are feeling strong and powerful, they will treat you in accordance with the vibrational energy you are displaying.

Start small and begin to notice your innate abilities. You have certain unique talents and attributes. There are things you are interested in and there are things you are good at. Follow your interests and discover your passions. If you are interested in learning about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality, then study that and you will be led, step by step, to higher vibrations.

You are never alone. Their are countless unseen entities interested in your life and fully supporting you along your path. You have your inner self who is aware of every thought and every belief. Start to pay attention to the guidance that comes from within. Start to listen to your intuition. Start to move toward that which feels good. Start to believe that you are far more than what you see when you look in the mirror. Start to see the perfection that is you.

You are loved more than you can imagine and you are doing so much better than you think.