Dear Joshua,

I have been having severe pain for a very long time, I know that this is not in God’s plan for my life…so why and what am I doing that is sabotaging my body (and life in all areas) that is creating this and how do I change it? I have been working on raising my vibration, but it only helps temporally.

I live with gratitude and joy as much as possible. Thank you for any guidance.

Much love and many blessings,

Dear Carol,

Let’s talk about raising your vibration. What do you need to do to raise your vibration? Nothing really. Your vibration naturally raises through the joyful experience of life. The day you were born you were a vibrational match to the earth and so the earth (and this physical life) manifested into your reality. The earth has continued to raise its vibration. In fact, its vibration is actually rising a bit faster than yours. How does this happen? Because the earth offers far less resistance than you do. From the earth’s perspective, everything is right. The earth is happy with things as they are.

The earth experiences reality as you do but in a less resistant way. To the earth, all things are good and there is no wrong. The earth does not worry about politics, the economy, crime, warfare or even natural disasters. The earth does not consider global warming to be wrong. The earth has faith that everything is always working out for the highest good. The earth is simply looking at physical reality from a much higher perspective.

You have pain because you are in fear of things you consider to be bad or wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Nothing is inherently bad. It is all neutral. There are things you prefer, but the things you personal do not prefer are not wrong or bad. They may be beneficial for others. These things you feel are bad cause you to perceive the world as a dangerous place and this brings up fear. You live not in joy, but in a resistant state of fear and you are choosing not to look at it. You are choosing to see yourself as a victim rather than the creator of your reality. The pain has come to inform you that you will be aided by a radically new approach to life.

You can continue to live in pain or you can embrace the pain as a wonderful messenger and as your salvation. You have lived in pain for a very long time. Before it was physical, it was emotional. When you felt negative emotion, you did not ask yourself why you felt this way. You assumed something in your life caused you to feel bad. You want the condition to change rather than investigate the reason you were feeling bad. Rather than looking at the fear inside yourself, you chose to condemn something outside of you. Since you were really ignoring the emotional guidance that was coming from within, your body manifested that into something you could not ignore. This is the cause of your pain.

Your negative emotions were not wrong. Your fear was not wrong. Your resistance is not wrong. Your pain is not wrong either. It is all right. It is all a gift. It is all part of the system of physical reality. If you want to feel ease rather than pain, you must go within and stop looking outside yourself. The idea that God resides outside of you is the first limiting belief you must dismiss. You and God and Source and All That Is are one and cannot be separated. God’s plan for your life is actually your plan for your life. Your plan was not to live in pain, but to live in joy and ease. It is your perspective that causes you to perceive things as wrong. Alter your perspective and the pain is no longer necessary.

The truth is that the outside conditions have no ability to make you feel anything. They cannot make you feel good or bad. They can only be a reflection of your vibration. You choose to perceive that reflection in whatever way you deem appropriate. In the past, you chose to see the reflection as wrong, rather than choosing to perceive it as right. Now you must choose to perceive the reflection as good and right and in fact, perfect.

When you look in the mirror, you can perceive the reflection any way you choose. But the mirror is just a mirror and it can never, ever be wrong. Stop seeing the mirror as wrong and start looking a bit deeper at the reflection itself and your pain will no longer be necessary.

With our love,
We are Joshua