I have had food allergies & intolerances for over 20 years now. I have tried all sorts of healing modalities including LOA teachings. It just doesn’t change.

Some of my intolerances include gluten, sugar, dairy, food additives and preservatives.

I have experimented with veganism from the age of 15. I started it out of compassion for the animal kingdom.

But given all these food intolerances, I often found myself craving meat. So whenever I felt like that, I would eat some meat consciously. For some time that worked.

But then last year, I decided to try out raw veganism. I ended up on a fruitarian diet. That lasted three months.

After that period, my body started experiencing severe food cravings again. I started eating cooked food.

Then I was away from home for some time, my food cravings became even more intense, this time I craved dairy and sugar and anything with gluten inside. So I started eating such foods and in a matter of days, my body got bloated and I started having all the usual painful symptoms. I soon became very ill.

I had to return home and start my staple diet of cooked vegan food.

I got better for some time but then again, I got very weak. This time I went to the doctor, she gave me a bunch of blood tests.

The results revealed a very low level of B12, well below normal. My iron was very low as well.

So I was told to have some shots straight away.

I refused. I hate shots of any kind. I decided to start eating meat once to twice a week.

That was January 2015.

It’s been a roller coaster since then. I have been feeling ill every single time I eat meat. It seems my body reacts to what my mind feels is not ideal. Cause no one in these twenty five years has managed to convince me that eating animals or the products is good for me. I cannot accept that I have to cause another sentient being pain and suffering in order to survive or rather, in order to thrive.

So in my case, it is not only a matter of not having food allergies. Because even though I still crave sometimes meat or dairy or sugar or gluten, deep down I feel this is very low vibration eating. And not at all in alignment with my soul’s vibration.

Yet I live in a world that even if when I don’t have cravings makes it very difficult for me to enjoy food. Cause most restaurants comply with the standard meat/dairy based diet that most humans consume.

I believe you can imagine what that means for me in terms of my every day life, social gatherings, travel, business.

I can only eat in a way that my body metabolizes perfectly only if I start at home and cook.

I can honestly say I have had it. I want out! I want to move to a world where beings are on my vibration and they eat in a way that feels good for me, mentally/emotionally and physically.

OK, that was a tad long, I know. I ‘m sorry for that but I just wanted to express this issue in as much detail so as for Joshua to understand all the parameters and all the pain involved in what I have been going though all these years.

I would greatly appreciate an answer to the above from Joshua.

Thank you in advance

Best wishes,
Calliope Iris

Dear Calliope,

We would like to start off by saying that prior to your birth into the physical world, you set certain intentions. You intended to live life fully, to be creative, to have fun, to be light-hearted, to dance, to express yourself, to experience love and joy. These were your general intentions. You also intended to explore one or more specific aspects of physical reality. In the nonphysical realm it is easy to feel joy, love, light-heartedness, abundance, etc. That’s our natural state of being. But in the nonphysical world, there are many things we are interested in and living a physical life allows us to really experience certain things that are not possible to experience in the nonphysical realm.

The best way to find the things you want to explore in this physical life is to be set off on a trajectory which will eventually lead you to the discovery of the passions and interests you intended to explore. So you chose your parents, and the time and place of your birth. You also chose your physical body. You knew that these conditions would launch you on a trajectory that would give you the best possibility of discovering that which you came here to explore.

Let’s think about that for a bit. Why would you choose your parents, why would you choose the time and place of your birth and why would you choose your body with these intolerances to certain foods? Because this very unique combination of conditions would enable you to explore something very specific. What is that thing you came to explore? Can you name it?

There is something you are here to do and without the conditions you find so debilitating, you would not have found it. If you did not have the body you have, you would be on a very different path and you would not have discovered your calling. Have you discovered it or have you allowed the condition to guide you away from that which you are here to explore? Either way, it’s okay.

We will start by explaining the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe. The physical realm is a playground where you can come to experience things that from the nonphysical realm, you can only imagine. By the experience of life, you expand. By experiencing contrast, you create desire. These desires, by the Law of Continuity, carry with you from the physical realm to the nonphysical realm and back again. All creatures come here for the experience, but it is only humans who believe that death is the end to life. Animals understand that death is simply the transition from physical to nonphysical and they come and go easily without resistance.

Animals come here primarily to be food for other animals and it is their purpose to do so. While they also experience joy, freedom, ease and well-being, being food is their calling. Their lack of resistance is easy to observe if you have ever seen a lion killing a gazelle. The gazelle simple goes limp and releases itself from this realm free of any pain. Most animals choose not to live past their prime as they enjoy refreshing the planet with their new higher vibration each time they come into this world. So fear not for the animals, whether they exist in the wild or whether they are domesticated. They are here to support you, other animals, and this planet. It is wonderful that you are thinking of their welfare, but they are cared for by the universe itself.

You may have other allergies to different foods and you look at this as an unfortunate condition. However, you chose this prior to your birth. Had you not chosen it, it would not exist. You judge it as a bad thing, but there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and this condition is not wrong either. It is simply a condition which allows you to focus in a way that is different from other people. It makes you think about food in a new way. Why would you come here to think about food in a way that is so unique? What is it about the subject of food that will cause you to find your passion in life? What is it about the way you view this condition that will cause you to view life differently? If not for this condition, you might not have developed an interest in the Law of Attraction and the nonphysical aspect of physical life. Without this condition, you would not be speaking to us right now.

You are on a journey of self-discovery and awareness. You are moving toward being who you really are. You are learning to exercise your powers of creation, and all of this would not have been possible without this condition. Most people have conditions around food that they prefer would be different. Their condition causes them to be fat. Your condition allows you to stay lean. You get to really think more about it while most go on blindly eating things that cause them to feel bad or to mask emotional suffering. You strive to feel good, while others ignore their bad feelings and simply eat or drink to cover them up.

This is a feeling reality and all that really matters is how you feel. You must feel good first and the world will change to match your feelings. If you make yourself feel bad because you believe yourself to be stuck in a condition you do not like, then your reality will reflect that feeling. So we ask you to think about how this all came to be and realize the tremendous benefit inherent in it. It is a gift and until you can see that, you cannot move forward.

Your beliefs place unnecessary restrictions on your diet and this is the cause of much of your pain. Believe that the animals came here to be your food. This is their great purpose and fulfilling that purpose gives them joy, for without this fact, the Earth would not support life as it does. Believe that preservatives are easily accepted by your wonderfully adaptive body for if you believe the opposite, you’ll feel the ache of resistance and your thoughts will temporally pinch you off the well-being that flows to you in every moment. Certainly there are foods and combinations of foods that are more easily processed by your body. But those few that your body does not wish to process can be avoided. The peanut allergy sufferer easily flows through life in complete wellbeing simply by avoiding peanuts. He does not ask the world to rid itself of peanuts, for if he did, he knows he would create more peanuts in his personal reality.

Choose for yourself what’s right for you simply and easily by choosing some foods over other based on how they make you feel. This is perfectly valid. You do not have to wish that your body was different, just navigate around certain foods without limiting your diet based on flawed and fear-based beliefs.

This condition is responsible for the wonderful things in your life. It is responsible for the way you life has unfolded to this point. It is responsible for leading you to learning about the mechanism of physical reality and the laws of the universe. It is bringing you to a higher level of consciousness. It is causing your focus to be sharp. It is wonderfully beneficial in so many ways. All you have to do is realize this and everything will get smoother and easier very quickly.

You are loved more than you can imagine,