Dear Joshua,

What is the meaning of the bizarre explosion of obesity in our country?

Thank you again,

Dear Beryl,

There is no “meaning” in the explosion of obesity in your country. It is simply momentum. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and obesity is not wrong, it just is. It is the product of desire.

For most of the history of your society, humans wanted more food, an easier life, and more safety. These are three basic needs that have evolved over the years. It was the desire of your ancestors to be able to grow and preserve more food. They did not have enough food and they always wanted more. The wanting, over the centuries, led to the technology to produce, prepare, and store food, and for it’s wide and easy distribution that you enjoy today.

The result of this manifestation of desire is that you now have more access to inexpensive food which lasts longer. This is what your forefathers always dreamed of. It is a fantastic manifestation of their desires.

However, the manifestation of a desire always leads to another desire. What is wanted manifests and from that manifestation a new desire is born.

Another desire of most humans was to free themselves from the hardship of physical labor. Until very recently, most humans toiled day in and day out in the fields or the factories. They used their bodies to survive. Their strong desire produced the technology that allows many people to use their minds rather than their bodies to earn a living.

The momentum caused by the manifestation of these two desires led to the explosion in obesity that you now enjoy. Is the word “enjoy” out of place here? Is this not the result that your ancestors dreamed of? Is this not Utopia? In their minds it certainly would be. To be fat was the most desired condition. It meant you had access to all the food you wanted and you never suffered though hunger. To be fat means that you are not toiling away in the fields or factories. It means you’re rich and your life is abundant.

Can you imagine that the manifested desire you wanted so much could turn out to be different than what you really wanted? To those that have led lives starving in the fields, a little obesity would be welcome. To them, this would not be a problem.

It’s funny how perspective casts a different light on every subject. But that’s how this system works. The pendulum of scarcity has swung into abundance which has led to a new condition and a new desire. The pendulum will swing back and this obesity problem will be solved with yet a new condition. From this point there will be another problem to be solved. But from where you now stand, you won’t think the new problem is even a problem. It will look like the solution.

You can’t be tuned to the problem if you’re aligned with the desire. You can’t be tuned to the solution if you’re aligned with the problem. See how this all works? Your forefathers wanted food to solve the problem of starvation. They wanted technology to reduce the amount of physical labor. So their desires manifested and they now have obesity and mass produced goods. They got exactly what they had asked for. The solution to any problem cannot be solved by eradicating the condition. The solution to hunger is not more food. You can’t get what you want by hating what you have and by being removed from the present condition. The way to an improved condition is only through the appreciation of what is.

This seems counter intuitive. You think that if you appreciate what is, you’ll just get more of what is and be stuck with what you’ve got. You think by paying attention to what’s wrong and solving that issue you’ll get to what is right. But it doesn’t work this way. When you pay attention to what’s wrong you attract more of what’s wrong. When you pay attention to what’s right in the present condition you get more of what’s right. You slowly build momentum to a better place by loving what is. The best of what is will grow and the rest will be left behind.

Your society, which you think is great, has been created by solving what was wrong. Now you’re just getting more problems and the pendulum is swinging back and forth. You go from one extreme to the next. You think you’ve made progress, but you’re just getting yourself into new messes. It won’t end until you realize the way you’re playing the game is flawed. You need a radical new approach to playing the game. When you start to appreciate what is real in your life, then you will play the game as intended prior to your birth. This is a feeling reality. How you feel in every moment is the only thing that matters. You are designed to want to feel good. Just start feeling good more of the time and it will all work out.

The nice thing is that you do not have to worry about the obesity problem. You can remove yourself from it. You can choose to be skinny, fat, or anywhere in the middle. Just decide to feel good and you’ll be inspired to action that makes you feel good. Stop obsessing over “problems” and start concentrating on feeling good. Get in touch with your inner world through meditation and you’ll slowly be guided toward what you want. Do not rush through this process. Take your time. Start feeling good and over time things will improve for you personally. Don’t worry about the rest of the world. This is your universe. You take care of you and allow them to take care of them. It all starts and ends with you. Focus smaller and look inward. That’s all you need to do.

You are loved more than you can imagine,