Dear Joshua,

Thank you for your great teachings! (and to Gary and Lili to have brought you forth…). Today I would like more explanation, please, about the 61th quote of the Playbook Vol. I of The Joshua Diet (book), which goes like this:

“Losing weight is like holding up a wall that’s about to fall over. You can stand there and prop up the wall for a little while, but eventually you’ll become weary and you’ll want to do something else. You’ll give up and let the wall fall down. You do not have the strength or endurance necessary to keep holding the wall up forever. Sooner or later you’ll give up and the wall will come crashing down.”

Could you elaborate just a little bit more please? Does it mean we “should” (smile) never go for any typical diet at all or even wanting to loose weight?

Thanks a lot With Love,

Dear Audrey,

When one chooses to loose weight, one is either looking positively toward the wonderful feeling that a lean and healthy body will provide or they are looking at what is wrong. The approach that we know is more effective is to desire to feel good and then to allow everything that matches that feeling come into your life. Feeling good will cause your body to begin to change itself to comply with feeling good and it will take its natural shape and well-being on its own, without you needing to do anything you do not want to do. Certainly, if you think you are overweight, you can loose some weight through effort and struggle and the pounds will come off, however, eventually you will give up the struggle and due to the Law of Attraction, the weight will come back. That’s because your body is a product of how you feel about it, not what you eat or do for exercise. You can prop up the wall for a while, but eventually you will tire of that and the wall will come crashing down.

When you feel good about yourself, your life, your relationships, your abundance, and everything else in your life, you will not need the distraction of things outside yourself to feel good. A major distraction for many people is food. They eat not because their body craves the nourishment of something healthy, but for the change that the food will make to their emotional state of being. It might feel good initially, but like anything else, the effects will wear off. The Joshua Diet is not about what you eat or do for exercise, it’s about learning to feel good and then receiving the inspiration to choose foods and do things that are in alignment with how you feel.

When you feel good about your body and your health, seeing it as perfect as it is, not needing anything to change, then you will be open to inspiration. You do not know what foods are perfect for you. You do not know what will make you personally feel good when you eat it. You do not know the timing of meals, the number of meals you need to eat or the times of day that are best for you. You are unique and your body is also unique. What works for you might be something that is equally unique. If you follow the trends designed to be marketable to the largest number of people, you will be doing something in the hope that it works, but there’s a better way. Inspiration. If you can just get yourself to feel good, if you can relieve the stress in your life not by making changes to the outside conditions, but by learning to perceive those conditions as good, then you will receive inspiration.

You might be inspired to eat many small meals a day and that will work for you. You might be inspired to eat just one meal a day, and that will work for you. You might be inspired to some strange diet no one has ever heard of before, or even the most popular diet of the day. Whatever you are inspired to do, it will be enjoyable and easy. It will never be a struggle. It will never feel like propping up a wall. It will be something you can easily maintain for a long time. The same is true of exercise. You’ll be inspired to try something that will appeal to you, will be easy and enjoyable for you, and will work for you. That’s how the system really works.

The Joshua Diet works because it sets up a premise that is fully compatible with the laws of the universe. You do not create the lean body you like by pushing away the fat, you create what you want through the attraction of something you desire. You do not see your body as wrong, you see it as perfect as it is right now. You do not ask it to change to make you feel good, that’s just trying to change the outside conditions. You change how you perceive your body and the body must conform to how you see it. You remove stress from your life, enter a state of ease, feel good, and allow inspiration to come that aligns with how you feel and what you truly want. This is the only approach that can work over the long term. This is why all other diets cannot work. They do not comply to the laws of the universe.

The Joshua Diet and the accompanying Playbooks are really just a trick to alter your perception and help you feel good. The side effect of focussing on what you prefer, on seeing everything as good, on relieving stress, on entering a state of allowing, is ease. Ease is the key to creating not only the lean and healthy body you want, but more abundance, better relationships, and the elegant unfolding of everything else you desire. When you have reached the state of ease, you will receive clear communication from within and you will simply do the things you’re inspired to do and these things will lead you right to where you truly want to be. There is no effort in that. It’s supposed to be easy. You’re just trying too hard by forgetting to leverage universal laws and energies.

With our love,
We are Joshua