Dear Joshua,

In response to a subscriber (on Joshua’s web site), you said this: “When you birth a desire, the universe goes to work to change you so that you will become a match to your desire. This is accomplished through a series of manifestation events. Anytime you feel emotion, you are involved in a manifestation event. If you feel emotion that is painful, uncomfortable, or the slightest bit unpleasant, then you have a belief that is keeping you from your dreams. You have just identified a limiting belief. You have discovered the part of you that is not allowing what you want to materialize in your life.”

Suppose that in my case, I have a certain desire. And since it is not yet manifested, limiting beliefs must be still present in me. I know that I must change, what I am doing like you said, every time … every day … So, relatively to your answer above, I would like to share this: At one point in my life, (almost every day), I have discomfort in my legs (in fact, it happens to me at least 1 time per day mostly during the evening, for a long time now. It is a discomfort (impatience: I need to move my legs. It’s not like I’m suffering, it’s really just discomfort, but it’s really unpleasant.

I’ve been feeling the discomfort since I was very young, like my both parents felt. I guess that falls under my thoughts and beliefs that are outdated for a long time. You would probably call that a chronic disease and you would say that I should change my thoughts and beliefs somehow? My question is: When this discomfort occurs and because of the emotion I feel, can we call that a manifestation event? If so, I had a lot of them since I’ve been on Earth. What should I think about or do? There are so many possible thoughts or beliefs to change. But in this moment of discomfort, I don’t know what I could change as beliefs, but what I know is that I would like to not feel this discomfort, so to be quiet (in my legs during that time especially). What do you recommend to me or to anyone who feels discomfort or uneasiness in a certain moment like that?

Thank you in advance and for all your help since I met you and Gary,


p.s. Don’t hesitate to correct my English.. thanks!

Dear Audrey,

Any unwanted physical condition stems from resistance. Any chronic physical condition is a result of persistent and prolonged resistance. You have a set of beliefs which inform and complete your perception of reality. Some of these beliefs are limiting. If your parents share this chronic condition then you share their limiting beliefs. Resistance causes physical pain and ease relieves physical pain.

We will say that the way to living in a healthy and happy body is by removing resistance and creating an environment of acceptance. If resistance causes physical discomfort, then acceptance allows the body to return to its natural heathy state. Acceptance allows the body to receive well-being. Resistance cuts off the cells of the body from receiving all the well-being they deserve.

So then, how are you resistant? Resistance prevents you from receiving anything you want whether it’s a healthy body, a healthy weight, a healthy bank account or a healthy relationship. Resistance blocks well-being while allowing or acceptance allows wellbeing. If you are resistant, then you are finding fault, judging things as bad or wrong and fighting against what is. Stop doing that and you allow well-being to flow.

Accepting everything as it is as perfect is your key to becoming an allower. If you find fault with something, you must realize that what is, is perfect and therefore it too is perfect and it does not need to change for you to be happy. This applies to everything, including the pain in your legs. You must come to see the pain in your legs as a gift for that’s exactly what it is. It’s a gift. Without the pain you would not have asked this question. You understand that on some level you are resisting, but you still haven’t identified it.

Every resistant thought focuses your attention on what you do not want. Every time you complain you focus your vast powers of creation on the subject of your complaint. Your parents are good at seeing the wrong in things and so are you. You parents believe the pain is wrong and so do you. If you can see that the pain is good and right (because it led you to ask this very important question) then you move toward allowing and accepting and away from resistance.

Everything is right. If you believe something is wrong, then you are looking at it in a way that is not empowering. You are focusing your powers of creation on the negative side of it. You must get good at seeing the positive side of everything so that you can feel better. You must become an allower. You must accept everything and everyone that enters your life as they are. They are entering it for you. They are there for your benefit. When you see that, you will come to allow ease and well-being and your struggles will finally be over.