Hi Gary and Joshua,

So here I come asking for help again, without giving anything in return, I feel like an idiot but still I choose to ask. I have received all these signs lately and been trying to figure out the message. Every time I think I’ve got it, another symptom shows up. First: problems with downloading your book, and I know this is about me because I sooooo wanted and waited for that book. Second: pains in my neck and nightmares every night (recurring issue last 20 years) Third: pain moved down to my shoulder Fourth: the light bulbs in my bathroom all stopped working, even after I changed them Fifth: now my oven top starts beeping again (recurring issue last years).

I’ve just listened to the Roundtable podcast 39 about pains and the body, and still I can’t figurer it out! Is it because life is so good that I’m afraid of losing it, “to good to be true”? Or because I want a relationship but I’m also afraid? Or because I feel I should be productive and create something? What the **** is happening to me? What am I not getting?

Again, Thanks so much!
Love Astrid

Dear Astrid,

You are getting it. Don’t you see? You are valuable. You are giving back in return. Your mere existence proves this. The universe would be less without you. It’s just that from your perspective, it’s difficult to see the magnificence that is you. You are worthy of everything you desire.

You stated that here you are asking another question without giving anything back. But don’t you see? Your question is the gift. You somehow found a vibration high enough to reach us and to ask questions. Most people who are alive in this time of awakening are searching for answers to their own questions. However, they have not found us yet. Many will find us but their questions will not get through because there will be too many of them. In these early days, where only a very few have resonated with our vibration, we have the ability to answer their questions. Your questions are being answered and they will go on to help many, many people. That is something truly special.

So what are these signs? They are the manifestation of how you are feeling. Like most everyone you know, you want things to go a certain way. You want things to work and people to behave. You want to control the conditions that exist in your reality. You believe that things should be one way and when they are not, you feel bad. You complain and argue with how things are. You are choosing to struggle against the conditions. You are focused on what you do not want. You are fighting against what is. You cannot win this fight.

When you fight against what is, you are saying that all these gifts that are coming for your highest good are actually wrong. You are telling the universe that you believe that it is not working out. You are simply confused. Let us show you another approach.

Imagine that everything that happens in your reality is a match to your current vibration. If it comes, it is right because it matches your vibration. You cannot argue with that. You cannot call it wrong and you must not call yourself wrong either. You must accept what is as perfect and then begin to analyze it. Why do you think it’s wrong? There’s only one answer; because you feel fear in some way. The fear is irrational and therefore it’s limiting. Prove the fear is false and you will greatly reduce the impact this thing has on you now and in your future. This is the art of analysis. Have you been practicing this art?

Have faith that everything is happening for you. Find a higher perspective that allows you to believe this. Stop finding fault and start looking for the positive aspects. Believe that things are working out perfectly to bring you what you want. If you feel bad in the moment, realize that this is simply resistance to what is and reduce your resistance by analyzing your irrational fears. Start being easier about everything. Find the easy way. Stop working so hard to correct the conditions. Just go with the flow of life.

You cannot see how all that you want will come to you. You have doubt and this doubt is resistance. Remove the doubt and replace it with faith. You must change your current set of beliefs and manifestation events will help you do this. If you feel negative emotion then you’re in the middle of a manifestation event. These events come many times a day. Don’t fight them by calling them bad or wrong. Look for the meaning. Don’t ever think things or people should be different than they are. Allow everything and everyone to be as it is and you will find freedom. This is the state of allowing and everything you want will flow to you while you exist in this state.

Thank you for your most excellent question. It is the greatest contribution to the mass awakening that we could ever ask for.

We are Joshua