Hi Gary and Joshua,

Things have been going really good since the last time I wrote to you! Life is exciting, magical, and I like playing with my powers! The money has been coming in effortlessly and with love, and the manifestations always seem to cover more than one topic. I’ll get money from my parents, making me feel loved and secure, as well as the obvious fun from the money in itself. So now that I know I can manifest money (which was a big thing) I also want to manifest other things that I really, really want, such as my slim body.

I know there are people who can eat whatever and everything they want and still stay slim, so it must be possible for me as well. But now when I eat I gain weight and I am scared I won’t stop gaining! Being fat is painful physically and emotionally, and it makes me feel like I am not in control, which is even more painful. I’m scared of not losing weight and scared of losing control over my body! I don’t know what to do. Do I need to accept being fat?

And what about this feeling of not being in control? I don’t understand if my body is like this because I assume I will gain weight from eating a certain amount, or if this need to eat is a manifestation of my fear of not being in control. Or even something totally different. How do I work with this? If I knew I would just stay like this, not gain any weight, it would be ok. But I create this story for the future based on the past, and this story is not what I want. Please, help me understand. Help me turn this around. Thank you!

Love and gratitude,

Dear Astrid,

Everyone feels lingering negative emotion and everyone is doing something to soothe themselves. Some play sports, some watch TV, some drink alcohol or do drugs, some have sex, and some people eat to soothe how they are feeling. Other people understand how their emotional guidance system works and they soothe themselves by learning how to choose a perspective that causes them to feel better. You can either soothe yourself with something outside your body or you can soothe yourself by going inside.

You feel negative emotion and you allow this to make you feel bad. You are becoming numb to negative emotion because it is so prevalent. You are not doing the work, rather you are looking outside yourself to feel good. This is quite common, however, there is another way. The first step is to understand how your emotional guidance system works and then use that system to work for you, not against you.

You might believe that negative emotion is a bad thing and so you try to avoid it as much as possible. You stay away from situations that have the potential to cause negative emotion. In doing so, you limit yourself. Negative emotion is simply a mechanism that alerts you to your own limiting beliefs. They are created by fear. When you feel irrational fear, you are alerted in the form of a rather specific negative emotion.

For instance, if you feel someone has said or done something wrong to you, you feel the negative emotion called resentment. In reality they have done nothing wrong. All they did was alert you to the fact that you have a limiting belief in this area and your job is to prove to yourself that it is false. Once you do that, the limiting belief is reduced in intensity and your vibration raises because your balance of beliefs is less limiting. If you do not analyze the fear at the basis of the limiting belief, the resentment stays with you for a prolonged period of time. In order to feel better, you are given urges. You may have the urge to eat, smoke, or drink. You can be distracted from how you feel by eating something. The urge feels uncontrollable because it is so strong. You cannot ignore these urges because they will keep coming and grow in intensity. What you must do is find a way to soothe your lingering negative emotions and return to a place of feeling good on your own.

When you feel bad, you will be inspired to do something to feel good. The inspiration comes in the form of an urge. The urge is inspiration from a low-emotional state of being. It has been attracted by your state of being. When you are feeling good, you will receive inspiration to do things that will move you toward what is wanted. When you feel bad, you will attract urges that temporarily distract you from how you are feeling, but they will not move you to where you want to go.

You attract thoughts and ideas based on your emotional state of being. When you are in a positive state of being, you attract positive thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. When you are in a low vibrational state of being, you attract negative thoughts, ideas, and urges. Do you now know the secret to creating a slim body? Simply demand to feel good.

When you feel good, everything you want is coming to you. When you feel bad, everything you want is kept out of reach. Feel good by demanding to feel good and you will attract thoughts and ideas that help you feel even better. When you feel bad, analyze the irrational fear and prove to yourself that it is false. Look for another perspective that allows you to feel better. In your natural state, free from stress, worry, or lingering negative emotion, you would maintain your ideal body weight.

With our love,
We are Joshua