Dear Joshua,

I have been having horrible stomach/digestion problems for years now. It used to be just extreme constipation and my doctor told me it was ibs. It got a little easier to manage with supplements, etc. but my symptoms always come back and I don’t know what it feels like to be regular. How can I get back to good health and not have to worry about this every day? Please guide me on how to create a better reality. Thank you!


Dear Anonymous,

All unwanted chronic physical conditions are a result of a chronic habit of thought. Change the way you think and your condition will change as a result. You may not realize this, but you have the power to think thoughts that feel good rather than what you have been doing, which is chronically allowing bad-feeling thoughts to capture your attention.

A good-feeling thought is one that makes you smile. A bad-feeling thought is one that makes you feel regret, worry, remorse, resentment, etc. The feeling creates the thought that aligns with the feeling. If you are feeling good, if you are happy, if you are in a good mood, you will attract thoughts that are aligned with how you feel and the thoughts themselves will feel good. When you maintain this good-feeling attitude, mood, or approach to life, your reality will reflect how you chronically feel with the manifestation of things that match how you feel. If you feel good, first you’ll receive good-feeling thoughts and ideas, and then you will receive physical representations of how you feel.

The reverse is also true. If you feel bad, the first notification of how you feel will be a thought. If it is a bad-feeling thought, then it is the manifestation of how you are feeling. It perfectly matches your vibration which is based on how you feel. The Law of Attraction received the signal you were sending (feeling bad) and sent you a thought that matched how you were feeling. Upon receiving that thought, you felt bad and this matched how you were chronically feeling before the thought even came. You believed the thought made you feel bad, but you were already feeling bad and the thought simply amplified or matched how you were already feeling.

Now, if you continue to feel bad by dwelling on things that make you feel bad, eventually you’ll build up some momentum and after a while of this chronic way of thinking, you will develop some unwanted chronic condition. It is simply the manifestation of your thoughts over time.

Once you have created the chronic condition you do not want, you see the condition as bad and wrong and you focus more attention on it. You see a problem and not the solution., The solution is right in front of you, but you cannot see it because you are tuned into the problem. You believe that if the condition would be cured by some pill, then you would be happy. However, you were not happy before you received the condition. The condition is not what makes you unhappy. The condition is the manifestation of your unhappiness. The condition is a gift from the universe letting you know that your approach to life does not represent who you really are or what you really want. You are a safe and secure being of pure positive love who has nothing to worry about. That is who you are, but you have not been living life as who you really are. You are not living fearlessly as a safe and secure person would. You have been living fearfully and this has brought about the condition you do not want.

So the answer to your problem is quite simple. You must radically change your entire approach to life. Your old approach has not and is not working. Your way of thinking has not and will not ever help you. You must adopt a new way of thinking and a new approach to life. This approach must be a radical departure from how you have been living up to this point. You must shed your fears for you have nothing to fear.

Forget everything you have learned about life up to this point. Drop all the limiting beliefs that were forced upon you by others. There is only one way forward for you and that is to be a student of reality. Learn how this system works. Understand that everything is working out for you, you just can’t see it from your current perspective which is limited. You are on the verge of turning your life in the direction of what you want. Your fears are holding you back. Move forward in spite of your fears or surrender to the fact that you must live with this condition you do not like.

The first thing we would do if we were in your place would be to take control of our thoughts and practice meditation to build the muscle that will be able to replace bad-feeling thoughts with good-feeling thoughts. We would meditate for a few minutes every day and during the day we would pay attention to our thoughts. As soon as one pooped up that we didn’t like, we would replace it with a better-feeling thought. This would become a habit and we would start building momentum toward what is wanted.

We would read everything we could about universal forces, the Law of Attraction and the mechanism of physical reality. We would not accept any of society’s conventions and we would question anything that caused us to feel bad. We would avoid the news altogether. We would be clear in our intent to feel good. We would change the conversation if it made us feel bad or we would leave the room. We would speak only of that which served who we really are. We would suspend judgment on ourselves and others. We would accept the current conditions as right and we would imagine future conditions that pleased us. This is how you radically change your approach to life.

You have a choice. You can move toward what is wanted or stay where you are. The shift might seem uncomfortable. It will challenge your belief system. Your current belief system is perfectly aligned with your current approach to life which has manifested this condition. You can live with your condition or you can alter your beliefs and perspective so that the condition is no longer supported. It is completely up to you. You will make the right choice for you.

You are loved more than you can imagine,