Hi Joshua!

I have a question about education and choices. My family is what people label as unschooling. My kids are homeschooled but are given complete freedom to learn what they want, how they want and when they want. I feel confident that they are learning and growing everyday and will turn out to be exactly what they desire to be. I believe this partly because I believe in this system of learning but also because I believe in this whole thing we all call Law of Attraction.

My kids prove to me daily how happy and smart they are, I have no doubts all will be well for them. My question though comes from discussions my husband and I have based on his involvement in the school system. He is not a teacher but has much exposure to programs and things offered at the school level.

So, here it is. I believe that my kids came into this family because they wanted to live a life of freedom when it comes to learning and following their passions. I believe very strongly in this type of life for them as well. But, is it MY belief in this system that they are living this life or it is because THEY chose us as a family that they get to live like this. In other words, while my kids have had the option to homeschool or go to school, we ultimately started homeschooling because *I* thought it would be the best option.

I am very much also to blame (before I really got this whole LOA thing) about the attitude towards schools in my family. I am very much anti-school and there is no question that my kids know this about me. So, here’s another way to ask this question: Are my kids homeschooling because it’s what *I* think is best (even though it’s now clear that they enjoy this life choice) or it is THEIR choice and they chose us as the family because we would make it happen.

Not sure if I’m asking this clearly but I hope you understand what I mean. I think what I want to make sure of is whether this is something we ALL want and chose to venture through together in the physical or if it’s more of my making than theirs. I do understand that there must be some agreement between us all or else they would have chosen a different life but I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on the question.

Thanks!! Tasha

Dear Tasha,

Your children intentionally chose you and your husband as their parents (as well as the time and place of their births) so that they would be sent on a very clear trajectory that would lead them to live life as they intended. Now, you might be passionate about homeschooling only because it created the early childhood environment that they wanted. Do you see what we mean here? It is quite possible that you were born into your family so that you would be sent on a trajectory that led to your interest in homeschooling. All of you had a part in paving the way for them to come in.

Since they have come into your family and their trajectories are being set, they may birth desires that were caused by homeschooling. They might now have a desire to go to a normal school. They may birth a desire to remain unschooled. They may or may not be interested in college. They might find their passions very early. Whatever it is, their trajectory has been set and now they are free to discover what it is that interests them.

Certainly your manner of education falls within the laws of the universe perfectly and we have discussed this many times before. We even devoted a chapter in a book to the subject. In a natural world, free from the influence of a fearful society, all children would discover their interests at their own pace. No child would be forced to learn something they had no interest in.

Having said that, you must also realize that they both have their own inner guidance systems and will choose to follow paths that are right for them. It is important not to influence them away from their paths. It is not beneficial to judge any interest as very bad or very good. You cannot create in their reality, but you can and do influence them. Allow their inner guidance to guide them. Allow the true freedom they came for to lead them to their passions.

It is possible that certain normal school experiences will lead them to interests they might not discover otherwise. The Law of Attraction will work it out. All you have to do is realize that your passion in this area led to the perfect conditions for them to discover their interest on their own terms and that is a wonderful thing indeed.

With Love,
We are Joshua