Hi Joshua,

Thanks for taking my question! I have a fear that keeps me from traveling far from my kids. We are raising our 2 children (13 and 9) in a unschooling home. It’s a style of homeschooling and parenting that is rather uncommon (yet growing) and this is the issue that keeps me connected close to home. If something should happen to me and my husband (while we are away traveling) no one in my family would raise our kids the way we do. In all likelihood, they would end up being sent to school.

My one child would probably do ok in school (although she would hate it) but my other would not. Besides the reason why we homeschool, emotionally it would be difficult for my one child. I need help with this fear/concern I have about something happening to me which would affect my kids greatly. With my understanding of the law of attraction, I need words of wisdom that I can turn to when these fears start. I know the energy I give it is bad so I need to change my energy/ vibration. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!


Dear Tasha,

In a natural world, free from the influences of a fearful society, all children would be free to follow their interests and learn in a way that was not controlled by others. This is the gift you are giving to your children and in the future when love replaces fear, more children will be raised in this or similar environments. Everything you are doing is just right.

Your children, prior to their birth, set certain intentions. They intended to enjoy a life of passion, interest, love, abundance and joy. These were their general intentions. They also chose to come into this life to pursue one or more specific intentions. These will be discovered by pursuing their interests and passions. They chose you as their mother, and the time and date of their births. They new that your beliefs, contrasted with the overall beliefs of your society and your extended family would provide the perfect environment for them to find their specific intentions. By the way you choose to allow your children to follow their interests, rather than to dictate what they learn and when they learn it, they will discover their passions at an age that is right for them without being influenced to pursue interests that are not natural for them.

In a typical school environment, children are influenced away from certain interests because they are judged to be inappropriate in some way. The interest may be deemed frivolous, or the timing appears to them to be wrong. Developmental and social issues arise out of of this attempt to conform children to certain standards of behavior and learning that are unnatural. In a natural world, children would be allowed to pursue whatever interests them with out discouragement or even encouragement. It would be considered limiting to influence a child in any way either positively or negatively, because the judgment of what is good or bad comes from a person of authority and the child is easily influenced. Fear is involved when it appears that the child is not learning certain things that are assumed to be important in the navigation of one’s life in adulthood. However, the child is always guided from within and will learn whatever skill is necessary as the skill is needed to further pursue a certain interest. For instance, if a child comes to a place where the knowledge of mathematics is needed to take an interest to the next level, the child will be vibrationally ready to learn and the learning will be effortless. If the child is forced to learn the skill, without the interest, it becomes difficult and arduous and the child may develop an insecurity around the subject which then becomes quite limiting.

Now that we have stated that the way you are raising your child is the way that best serves their ability to pursue their specific interests, and they chose you as parents because you have these beliefs around education and parenting, if they were to lose you and were forced to go into a traditional school system, they would adapt and the experience would be part of the trajectory they intended prior to their birth.

If this was the case, which it is not, they would be fine. Here’s how it works. You have lived many lifetimes. In each life you expand through experience. You flow in and out of life from the physical to the nonphysical and back again. There is the Law of Continuity which says that which interests you in the physical interests you in the nonphysical as well. Your interests move with you as you transition from physical to nonphysical and back to physical. There is also the Law of Expansion which states that interests evolve and expand. You move from one interest into another interest as your consciousness expands. You always move forwards and can never move backwards.

If your children chose to come into such a unique environment such as the one you have established for them, and they were to lose you and be thrust into a completely new environment, one without their parents or the unique method or learning that they adored, this would all be done by design and agreements between you would have been made in the nonphysical. It would create such a radical change to their approach to life that it would launch them on a unique trajectory and their lives would lead them to very specific and new ideas. However, if this was the case, you and your husband would be prepared for it. You would not fear it as you do. In your case, there is nothing for you to fear. Your children do need you and do appreciate the environment you have provided. It is all working out just as they and you intended.

So we will say that there is no need for fear in any event. You may travel and be assured that whatever happens, it was done so by design. The traveling has nothing to do with it. If you and your husband were meant to transition together, it would happen in a way that you could not imagine anyway. However, if it makes you feel better, you can also avoid traveling while your children are young. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and your fear is not wrong either.

It might be beneficial for you to acknowledge that traditional schools operate quite well for the vast majority of children and parents who are not yet able to understand the value of the new method. Do not condemn them for not understanding your methods. Do not fight against the old method, instead allow them to voice their concerns and call you wrong. Your modern methods frighten them for they do not want to believe that their old way is limiting. In time, more will be ready. Most would desire to adopt the new methods today if they understood the vibrational validity of them. Things are changing rapidly in the area of education, but it must evolve at the proper rate. Radical change causes fear and fear limits expansion and growth.

When you fear what might happen to your children you are doing what all parents tend to do; you are feathering their nests. They have intended to experience contrast and from these experiences of contrast, they gain the benefit of expansion. Release your fear and understand that whatever happens will always be for the benefit of your children. They are guided internally. You have allowed that guidance to flourish and you must trust it as you trust your own guidance.

You are living on the leading-edge of thought and as we and others have said many times, there is not room for a crowd, but only a few.

You are doing very well. There is nothing to fear. You are supported by more than you could ever count and you are loved more than you could imagine.