Dear Joshua,

My question has to do with a dear friend of many years who has had many events in her life that she really does not understand and I see them all as pretty similar. She and her husband have “almost” come into some inheritance only to have it foiled, so to speak, due to other family members seemingly odd moves. One being a sister (his) who just couldn’t make a move on selling the family home for 10 years untll the value dropped, another having her entire family planning to give the family (hers) home to a brother rather than dividing the inheritance once their mom passed.

Added to this was her oldest daughter who took her to court in order to have a restraining order against her and another daughter all because they objected to the older daughter and her other half driving drunk after a family wedding with their kids in the car.

Just a whole lot of her feeling that people were screwing her in a big way, to put it bluntly. I pretty much understand how this all happens to her as she sees herself as a victim first and foremost, and she tries desperately to control what’s happening all around her. She’s also a really caring and wonderful friend.

Is their a way to help one who is so in the dark about being a victim begin to see her absolute power in her life. Occasionally she steps into her power and lets things go and wonderful things break open for her. It would be awesome to have her experience this more.

I would love to know your take on this.

Thank you, much love!

Dear Sue,

This is an environment that allows for the exploration of self in any way one chooses. Each and every possible exploration is valid and perfectly right for the individual. It all adds to the tapestry of human experience. As one experiences life as a victim, they can decide that this approach is not working and they can change their exploration. In fact, the change in exploration can lead to a better understanding of self. If one always explored life as a creator without doubt or limiting beliefs, then this would lead to a rather bland experience of life as compared to those who choose the old approach first and then find a radically new approach.

Think of it for a moment. Imagine perceiving yourself as a victim, unworthy of anything good in your life. You are living at the far reaches of fear. If this exploration becomes recognizably ineffective and you realize what you’re doing isn’t working, then you naturally give up your resistance and you are led to another way of navigating your reality. If you can slow the momentum of victimhood and accept that you are the creator of your reality, your life experience will radically improve and this will feel ecstatic. Imagine that feeling!

Since this is a feeling reality, you can’t imagine how good life can feel without the experience of feeling very bad. This is part of the reason so many people explore fear and unworthiness. In this time of awakening, many people have the ability to find information that will allow them to consciously change their entire framework of beliefs. They can change. Many, many people are changing. The tools and teachings are everywhere. However, some will never make it to a new understanding of their power. That’s also perfectly acceptable. When they transition to the nonphysical, they will understand it all completely.

You must know that all humans intended to experience fear, doubt, unworthiness, lack, loss, etc. These are feelings that cannot be explored in the nonphysical. All humans also intended to find their way out of fear and feel better. They are all moving from fear to love. They will all experience moments of clarity. They will all see themselves from higher perspectives at some point. Some will go on to discover who they truly are and others will sink back into fear exploring who they are not. They have opportunities to move forward, if they can understand that the illusion of victimhood is false. However, if one is entrenched in a life of control and is unwilling to perceive that this is due only to fear and victimhood, they may never see through the illusion.

Your friend has experienced times of marvelous creation and progression as resistance is reduced. Naturally, the creative aspects will flow forth as intended prior to birth. She has found you. What are the odds of being friends with one of the few people on earth who understand the new approach to life? Do you think it’s an accident? Not at all. You have the ability to demonstrate the power of alignment. You can show her new perspectives. You can introduce her to new ideas. However, you must first see her and her current exploration as perfect. You must not become attached to an outcome. You must not ask her to change or be different than she is. You must see her as perfect as she is now. If you can do that, you will be inspired to take some action that she can perceive as beneficial. In seeing her as a victim, you will receive urges to change her and she will perceive your actions from the perspective of a victim. When you see her as the magnificent creator she is, then you will be inspired to do and say things that will lead her to a new approach to life. That is your power.

With our love,
We are Joshua