Hi Joshua,

The area where I am having quite a few negative manifestation events is in my home. I feel like I was kind of “invaded” by a friend who is living with me now indefinitely. She moved in around the middle of July. She is paying me to stay here but that doesn’t seem to be much consolation for me.

I am a very neat, tidy and clean person and I am finding myself getting very aggravated almost on a daily basis with her habits, almost weekly having to remind her to do and not do certain things. I often feel uneasy in my own home now. I would like to feel more at ease with her and the whole situation without letting the cleanliness factor get out of control at the same time.

What is the best way to approach this problem?

Thank you

Dear Siri,

The best way to approach any problem is to regain your alignment, tap into the energetic stream of consciousness of Source and Love. What is love? Love is acceptance. To show your love, you accept what is. You accept the conditions as they exist. You look at the subject of your perceived problem from the higher perspective of love. From that perspective, you will see through the illusion of a “problem.”

The problem does not truly exist. This is what your inner self is trying to tell you through the use of negative emotion. If you perceive something in your reality as a problem to fix, you will receive an instant notification in the form of negative emotion. You have a limiting belief that has been triggered and now you feel fear. The fear you are not being respected, that another is creating in your reality, or that the conditions are wrong in some way. The fear causes you to dip your attention into a stream of consciousness based in fear. You are looking at the subject from a limited perspective, you’ve connected to a fear-based stream of consciousness and now your mind is flooded with limiting thoughts based in fear asking you to change the conditions. You use your imagination to create scenarios where it looks as if the problem no longer exists. However, this is always a flawed premise.

The flawed premise is that you would feel better if this person was not in your home. From a limited perspective, this appears true. From the higher perspective, this is completely false. You would not feel better after changing the conditions, because your limiting beliefs would remain intact and actually become stronger. If you lean into the subject of your fear, realize the fear is irrational and look at the subject from a higher perspective, you will alter your limiting beliefs. You will make them less intense. You will be less resistant. You will move towards love and away from fear. Your life will begin to feel better and you’ll move quickly to the life you intended to live. That is a life of love.

You have two choices; live a life of love or live a life of fear. Most humans are now living a life of fear. Some are choosing to consciously live a life of love. What’s the difference between the two? Those living a life of fear place their attention on that which appears to be wrong and they connect to streams of consciousness based in fear. Those living a life of love seek to see through the illusion of wrong and they place their attention on what is good and right. They maintain their connection to the stream of love/Source consciousness. They live big, bold, exciting, exhilarating lives that bring them all the wonderful feelings associated with love. Which life will you choose?

You can have an opportunity here. Can you see that? Can you see how this and all situations where you perceive a problem allows you the opportunity to see past the illusion caused by fear? You can only perceive this situation as wrong because you have one or more limiting beliefs that are triggered by how you are choosing to perceive your friend. You can ask your friend to leave. You can change the conditions. But if you do this, you are living a life of fear by not processing your limiting beliefs. If you want to live a life of love, start by accepting the conditions as a gift and look inward. Look at the limiting beliefs. Why is this wrong? What causes you to see it as wrong? Your answers will expose the limiting beliefs and you can prove that they are false. This is your work if you seek to live a life of love.

With all our love,
We are Joshua