Dear Joshua,

My daughter has a peanut allergy. It’s something we discovered when she was 4 years old. However, knowing that there is an underlying metaphysical reason for everything, I am wondering how this ever came about? Could it be something I have unknowingly ‘wished upon’ her as an over-protective Mum before I was aware of the Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts? Now I know that everything comes into our lives as a result of our personal thinking and feeling, then my daughter must have somehow attracted this herself. But it’s something I struggle to see the spiritual reasoning behind. Why would she? In the ‘real world’ I myself had allergies as a child… not to nuts of any kind but E numbers, cats, house dust. Have I passed these down to her through my thoughts? Is such a thing possible? Or am I completely overthinking! I want to be able to relax around the issue but obviously it is something to be taken seriously… she has an Epi pen for emergencies. There are trials being carried out in other countries and I would like to have a glimmer of hope that she can overcome this some day, despite this crazy 5% recovery ‘statistic’.


Dear Miss Pollyanna,

You cannot create in the lives of others no matter what you think. If there is some condition that exists for another person, it has been attracted to that person for reasons that may be beyond your ability to perceive. But no matter the condition, the concerened mom or dad did not cause the condition due to any thoughts of worry.

This means your daughter attracted this condition you perceive as wrong and bad. Since we now know that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, you can be assured that this condition is not wrong either. Because others will be reading your question and our answer, we will provide a little more information to help you all see the condition you perceive as unwanted from a new and higher perspective.

There are two possibilities for existence; the physical which you are experiencing now, and the nonphysical which you will experience once again when you make your transition out of this life. The nonphysical is your home and you can think of the physical realm as a great adventure. You have lived many lives and so has your daughter. You come to this life to explore certain unique aspects of physical reality. Before your birth, you set a number of intentions for what you would like explore in this lifetime Most of those intentions were general in nature and one or more were specific. You chose the conditions surrounding your childhood for the possibilities that could unfold from that entry point and so did your daughter. Your daughter chose you, chose the place and time of her birth, and chose to experience certain conditions so that a trajectory could be set that would lead to the unfolding of her life in such a way that she could explore certain aspect of physical life.

Now, how does the peanut allergy fit into all of this? Wouldn’t it just be nicer if she didn’t have it? If you could, would you take the allergy away from her? Luckily for her, you cannot create in her life and you cannot remove the allergy she so desires and needs to provide the kind of life she wants to live this time around. You cannot create in your daughters reality, but you can and do influence it. If you can look at this condition you do not like from another perspective, you might be able to see the perfection in this condition. Let us help you out a little.

Without the peanut allergy, your child would appear normal. What does that mean? It means that the allergy, which is rare, indicates that she is unique. Certain care must be taken at all times. You must pay more attention to her than most mothers do with their children. She will be focused on the food that she eats which is also unique among people living in your society. This allergy will lead her to actions and behaviors that will cause her to find certain interests and passions in this life. Without the allergy, things would unfold differently for her.

You, as a mother, are concerned for the well-being of your daughter and this is understandable. But, when you make the allergy wrong, you cause your daughter to view it as wrong also and this affects her life. Children who are born with or develop unwanted conditions at a young age are placed on certain trajectories that will lead them to a life they intended to live prior to their arrival. To others who do not have these conditions, they seem like problems to be solved. Yet, there is a purpose to all such conditions and even if the parents cannot see the benefits from their limited perspective, there are great benefits in these seemingly wrong conditions.

If you can look at the problem and see it as a gift, you will start to see the evidence that it is really something that allows life to unfold in a way that is different than how it would have if not for the condition. When the allergy has created the effect that she intended prior to your daughter’s birth, it will subside or even vanish. When it is no longer seen as wrong, when your daughter stops fighting against it, and when its existence is no longer required, it will be gone. Until that day it will remain a necessary and integral part of your daughter’s life and she would not want it any other way.