Dear Joshua,

I have walked around for some time and tried to formulate my questions about how to find more ease around food and eating. I guess you know exactly what you’ll tell me and what I need to hear now, but here are some of the questions I walk around with:

I feel that since I started the Boot camp, my Inner self and body challenge/lead me to try foods and eating behaviors that earlier would have ended with a binge, but now โ€œonlyโ€ get me out of balance, a balance that I gain quite quick again. Some days it feels like a positive process, other days I get scared that I just delude myself and in reality just use the focus on food to escape negative feelings. What’s your view on this?

I have beliefs that my body is sensitive/allergic to some foods. Did I choose a body when I came here that had these sensitivities for the most beneficial trajectory or is the sensitivity created by my limiting beliefs that I have gained during all these years with a non-aligned relationship to food and eating? Is it possible to decrease the sensitivity, so I won’t experience it any longer?

Those food questions also lead me to how I shall handle food and health when it comes to my daughter. I listened to the questions on Joshua Live the other day, about a mum’s fear around her daughter and weight, and guess if I could relate ๐Ÿ˜‰ How do I apply what you said in my daily life?

I know from my own experience that I can live in the illusion of control a little longer, but soon she will start to sneak and hide if she has chosen a similar trajectory as I did when it comes to food and eating. I won’t be able to control that, just make it worse if I try.

So in our daily life, shall I just let her eat what she wants and asks for? If she wants chocolate for dessert as she did tonight, shall I let her? If she wants to eat a lot of carbs and I see her gain weight, shall I just watch, trust and do something if I get inspired?

And what about “parental decisions” when I have to decide what is best for my child, for example when it comes to vaccines?

When she was a baby I had strong fears and also believed it was wrong, so she didn’t get any. Last fall it was time for new vaccines. This time I could view it a little more balanced, but still felt too much fear. I also got confused when I heard Abraham say that all children would have been vaccinated if they could choose. I told my daughter how I felt and thought about it and also asked her if she could feel what was best for her body. She said she didn’t want the vaccine. But how do I know if that was her body’s answer, if she had heard from her friends that it hurts to get the injection or if she picked up on my fears?

What I guess I want to ask is; where does my responsibility as a parent end and how much can I let her decide and trust her own great inner guidance?

Thanks Joshua!

Dear Pernilla,

All wonderful questions. We will start with the premise that there is no wrong and it is impossible for you to make a wrong decision. Everything is right.

Now, you understand that when in fear, you receive urges to change the conditions and when in alignment, you receive inspiration to take actions that will be for your direct benefit. The first thing you must do is find a way to secure and maintain your alignment. This is the most important thing to do before making any decisions. However, if you choose to make a decision based in fear, that decision is not wrong. The decisions you have made in the past birthed strong desires and this is how you found your way here. But from this point forward, you are gaining a new understanding with regard to an approach to life that works with universal laws and energies.

No decision is wrong. Start there. What do you want to feel now? Do you want to feel love and appreciation? Then send love and appreciation to your body as it is now. If it is sensitive to certain foods, that is not wrong. This was the body you chose because you knew it was the perfect vehicle to allow you to explore physical reality as you intended. Nothing is wrong with your body now. It is perfect. You must embrace it and absolutely accept it as it is. Choose the foods you want to eat from a place of alignment. In alignment, any food you choose will be perfect for your body. Out of alignment, you will succumb to urges to eat foods that alter the state of your mood. You seek to control how you feel through food. Instead, choose how you want to feel and then ask for ways to come into alignment without the food. Meditate. Journal. Take a walk. Talk to your husband. Play with your daughter.

When it comes to parental decisions, you are under the false premise that you are here to guide your daughter. This is not true. Your daughter has her own inner guidance. You present her with limiting beliefs to adopt. You live in fear most of the time and so she is willing to adopt your fearful approach to life. There is nothing wrong with fear, it’s simply limiting. If you want to limit your daughter’s experience of life, then by all means, continue to teach her that she is a victim living in an unsafe world. Of course you, and she, knows this is not true. She has her own guidance system. Teach her to rely on that. Let her be guided by her inner self just as you are learning to do.

She has been influenced to believe that vaccinations are harmful. Nothing in this reality is inherently bad or wrong, including vaccines. Vaccines were created out of the inspiration to prevent disease. There is love involved in that idea and so for the most part, vaccines are an inspired idea and are of benefit to many, many people. However, it is not necessary for one individual to receive the vaccine in order to escape disease. That is always based on the vibration of the individual. If the individual has fear and limiting beliefs around the vaccine, then this fear is presenting itself as part of their vibration and in their reality in some way.

If you transfer your beliefs to your child, then she will rely on those beliefs in place of her own guidance. She will be conflicted. You must process your fears before your advice will be of any benefit. You must be a shining example of alignment to her. You must treat food in a way that aligns with who you really are. If you can do this, she will happily follow your example.

With our love,
We are Joshua