Hello Joshua,

My eldest sister died at 40 of cancer followed two months later by my father. Today my younger sister is affected by Charco’s disease. I’m conscious that no medicine has answers, I made requests to Audrey. Although her answers were obvious, I still hoped that a miracle would occur through meditation, faith, and the law of attraction, until I became aware of the last decision of my sister who chose euthanasia.

Is not suffering a step towards personal elevation? But how can I judge her for this decision since I cannot understand her, not living her pain and I cannot imagine her suffering… It is an atrocious dilemma and especially for my mother who cannot resolve to “accept” the loss of her daughter. I repeat your answer to a question: “So the only way to bounce is to feel good – and to be in alignment from a place of pain – is by resolving fear, proving that the limiting belief is false and consciously choosing the superior perspective.” I ask you then: What is the limiting belief that does not want to see my sister suffer and condemns this act that will make my mother suffer? What is also the superior perspective in this case?

Thank you for paying attention to my request, with all my gratitude,

Dear Nicole,

Death is one aspect of physical reality that causes most humans to choose a limited perspective simply because you cannot see beyond the death itself. You believe that death is bad and wrong and should not happen, even though it is inevitable. You have limiting beliefs about the right and wrong ways to die. There is no wrong way to die. All death is suicide. When you decide that you have had enough experiences in physical reality, you will also choose to return to your nonphysical home and no matter how you choose to go, it will be by your choice and so you will literally be committing suicide, even if you are hit by a bus. When your mother makes her transition, she will choose a respectable way to go, but it will be her choice and it will come in perfect sync with her vibration and beliefs at the time.

Some people choose to suffer before death because they want to make a show of it, but they are never really suffering. Others choose easy deaths because it does not conflict with their beliefs. Some choose to linger and die slowly so that there is time to say goodbye. Most fear death unnecessarily and their death period is prolonged needlessly. Death should not be something that is surrounded by fear. It should be a celebration. When you leave a party, no one grieves, because they know they will see you again soon. The death experience is exactly the same, you are just unaware of that fact.

You came here to experience physical reality on your own terms. You chose to come with others so that you could play roles. You are the daughter and the sister. That is your role. Unfortunately, you know too much now and so it becomes more difficult to carry on the folly of believing that death is wrong or bad or that what others choose to experience for themselves is also wrong. There is no wrong. They are simply experiencing something that is not available to them in the nonphysical. When your mother suffers at the death of loved ones, that is something she cannot experience in the nonphysical and therefore it is a beneficial and expansive experience for her. It is not wrong to suffer at the loss of loved ones, nor is it wrong to be gleeful in the knowing that your loved ones cannot die, nor can they ever leave you. The fact is that your father and sister are closer to you now than they ever were when they were alive and in your physical presence. They are with you always and when you transition, you will see them again and you will laugh about it all and how confused you all were. But that confusion is just one of the fun experiences available in physical reality.

When you see your mother suffering and you think she should not have to suffer, you are missing the point. You cannot be of any benefit to her if you believe she is being wrong. Your fear kicks you out of alignment and in that state you cannot find the best words to soothe her or take the appropriate actions that will benefit her. She came for this experience and it is for her expansion and benefit. Do not talk her out of what she is feeling. You can allow her to feel however she is feeling, but you must step back and look at it from the higher perspective.

You chose your family. You chose your sisters, mother and father and everyone else in your family and they chose you too. This was all intended prior to your birth. You came her to explore something different than they did and this is why you were led to the Law of Attraction and teachers such as us. From the higher perspective you can look at your mother and see that she is only suffering because she thinks that certain things are happening to her and not for her. If she really knew what was on the other side of death, she would rejoice and feel good. If she really knew that she had a way to intimately access her loved ones on the other side, she would realize she is even closer to them now. However, she chose to adopt limiting beliefs around death in order to experience this suffering you despise. Do not see it as wrong, see it as another experience that she choose and that is not available in the nonphysical. She is here for this experience, but you are not. You are here for the opposite experience. You are here to see how everything is good in a world where most people believe that everything is bad.

With our love,
We are Joshua