Dear Joshua,

I have been working on exposing limiting beliefs around some manifestation events that seem to be intertwined. In short, there have been a few occurrences where someone perceives my actions (or inactions) to be rude, not appropriate, uncaring, etc… So I am thinking my limiting beliefs are about being worried about or insecure about my own actions. Or judging my own actions as wrong. Can you help me clarify or dig a little deeper with this?

With much love and gratitude for your guidance,

Dear Melissa,

You have been taught to be good. You have been punished for being bad. However, the idea of good and bad come from the limited and subjective perspective of those imposing their judgment. You have adopted the limiting belief that it is good to be good and bad to be bad. Hence, you are judging yourself.

Your parents, teachers, friends, family members, authority figures, etc. have trained you to abide by a set of rules. They believe that by preaching these standards, they can get you and others to conform. As long as you conform, they believe they will not be subjected to fear and negative emotion. However, that is a false premise. They perceive that the best way to avoid negative emotion is to control the conditions and you are often the condition they seek to control.

You also want to conform. You want to fit in. You want to be liked. Why? Is there any real benefit? No. You simply seek to avoid negative emotion. You perceive that when others like/love/respect/appreciate you, you will feel good. When they don’t, you will feel negative emotion. But that is always your choice. What is the negative emotion anyway? It’s guidance. It is telling you that your perspective is limited and this is caused by a limiting belief. You do not need to fit in to be validated or deemed worthy. In fact, those who fit in just to please others are simply mimicking a version of humanity that is not who they authentically are. It is a false and fraudulent representation. It’s a lie.

Yes, you might do or say something that will trigger the limiting belief of someone else. Good for you. You might have had little control over this. If you are being authentic and you are inspired to say something, then you will say it. If that upsets another, then that is an excellent thing. It has given the other person a chance to discover and process their own limiting belief. What they do with this information is up to them. It’s none of your concern.

Of course, if you say and do something from a low emotional state of being, you are simply acting on an urge to change the condition. This, in and of itself, is not wrong, it simply is not beneficial and empowering. It leads you on a detour away from where you want to go. But we do not think that is the case here.

Other people are entitled to their own limitations imposed by their limiting beliefs. They can blame you for the fear that’s been triggered by their belief system. That’s perfectly fine. They can receive or ignore the information in the manifestation event. You must know that you have no power in the creation of other people’s reality. This is part of their experience.

On your part, you must know that you cannot be who you must be if you worry about the feelings of others. You are not here to protect them from their own limiting beliefs. You must be free to say and do what you are inspired to. You must be comfortable with pushing past fear and acting on inspiration. You cannot support the irrational fear that other people’s feelings will get hurt. This will limit you from being who you must be. It will prevent you from being an example to multitudes of others who must hear your story. You are robbing them of the information they so desire by being anything other than your true and authentic self.

With our love,
We are Joshua