Dear Joshua,

I need clarity and guidance about my precious 9 year old daughter. About 10 months ago, and again just yesterday and all last night, she has ‘fallen out of alignment’ and into some sort of anxiety where she feels completely unsettled to the point of throwing up, saying ‘I’m dying’, and moving around from room to room, trying so hard to get back to a ‘normal’ state. When this happened last year it sent me into a terrible anxiety myself that lasted about 4 days, even after she had regained her balance. It was the worst feeling in the world.

This time around I am handling it much much better. I have your teachings in mind now and although my fearful thoughts and feelings keep creeping up, I’m am doing my best to minimize their intensity. I keep telling myself this is about her learning to find her own alignment, and that the very best I can do for her is to maintain my own. I know I cannot use this as an excuse to fall out of alignment, but it is not easy. I feel on the verge of panic, but I KNOW there is a silver lining here that I want to see clearer. What is the benefit here? What can I do and is this something she will go through, throughout her life?! Please, please, help me see her and this situation right now from your perspective!


Dear Melissa,

If you think about your own life as a child, you went through similar periods of anxiety and doubt yourself. You may not even remember these times. From your perspective as an adult, nothing seemed so serious, because you know that you’ve made it through it without any lingering negative effects. The perspective of time is what makes difficult periods seem as if they were not serious at all. The same is true here.

From the higher perspective, whether that’s the perspective we hold from our nonphysical position, or from the perspective of several months or years removed from the event, you will have no fear. All you have to do is see this seemingly negative event from the higher perspective. You must not ask “What is happening to her?” But rather, “How is this for her?” She is the creator of her reality and these anxious thoughts will help her see herself and her world from another perspective. This is all part of her trajectory.

In the moment of her anxiety, you feel fear. However, that fear is irrational and untrue. Nothing wrong is happening. Nothing wrong can happen. It is all for her (and your) growth and expansion. You cannot create in your daughter’s reality, but you can and do influence it. You influence her by your reaction to the manifestation event. You can react in two ways, in fear or in alignment. In fear, you receive urges to change the conditions.

Other mothers would receive the urge to control the situation, but this would never really help. The urges to change the conditions come from a stance of fear. You can remain in alignment and in that state, you will receive inspiration. The inspiration to write us this letter is a perfect example. Are there other inspiring ideas coming to you from a place of alignment or are you full or urges to change conditions?

This will pass, but there will be some benefit from it. We suggest introducing your daughter to the daily practice of meditation. When she begins to realize that she has control over the thoughts she thinks, she will be able to reduce the intensity of her own limiting beliefs and soothe herself. This will be the greatest gift you could ever give her.

This might be the reason for the anxiety in the first place.

With our love,
We are Joshua