Hi Joshua,

I am hoping you can help me identify the lesson in a reoccurring manifestation event. I am negatively triggered when I feel my daughter is being disrespectful and even physically aggressive toward me at times. Please help me see the lesson here so I can make the inner shift. Also what else can I do or stop doing that will allow the best for my daughter in finding her own path?


Dear Melissa,

You came to this reality to express your love for others, not to receive love from them. When you perceive that you are not receiving love from those that should love you, you feel fear. You have a limiting belief about how others should treat you and so when the manifestation event occurs, that belief is triggered and you feel fear. The fear is the indication that you are not seeing the true reality, but instead you are perceiving an illusion. The illusion is that your daughter should be different than she is.

Imagine that you did not have this limiting belief that others should love and respect you. Imagine that you knew fully that your only true desire was to express your love and acceptance unconditionally. If this was the case, you could not be triggered by the behavior of others because there would be no limiting belief. In fact, you could not perceive disrespect or any other unwanted or unloving behavior because you could not judge it as such. Without the limiting belief, it would be impossible to perceive that your daughter was doing anything wrong. From your higher perspective of love and acceptance, you would think she was doing everything right. So then, do you ask her to change or do you address your limiting belief?

We promise you that you will never be able to successfully control the behavior of this or any other person. All you can do is address you’re own limiting beliefs. Thats’s it. If you try to change her, you might. But do you really want her to be different than she is? You could temporarily influence her into a behavior that would allow you to feel less fear, but what would you be doing to her? You would make her feel that she was loved conditionally. She is loved when she conforms and she is not loved at any other time. This will influence her toward a behavior that will constantly make her seek love and acceptance through subjective behavior.

Now, we will say that there is nothing wrong with this because it will create a certain trajectory and many women follow similar trajectories and get to explore this aspect of conditional love. However, you must be aware that your daughter choose you as her mother specifically for the awareness that you bring to the relationship. Very few mothers are aware of this kind of influence that they will project onto their children. Very few are aware of the Laws of the universe as you are becoming aware. You can offer a different trajectory for her and she knew this coming in. She choose you and you were inspired to ask this question. What are the odds? 100%

You are free to try and continue to operate in the old approach to life. In that old approach, you ask others to be different than they are so that you can lessen the fear you feel. In the new approach to life, you accept others as they are and instead you go inward and take a look at your own limiting beliefs. If you can do this, you will diminish the intensity of your limiting beliefs so that they will be triggered less often and the associated fear will not be enough to cause you to ask others to behave. The benefit of this approach is ease and allowing and this will lead to relationships that are so satisfying that you will not believe it. You will exist in a state of love with those around you rather than a state of fear. This is what you truly want. This is what everyone truly wants.

With our unconditional love for you,
We are Joshua