Dear Joshua,

The relationship I feel the Law of Attraction has manifested for me two years ago has ended. It was kind of a fluke how it happened. But logistics due to long distance, and a difference of world views broke us up. So, now what? What was the purpose of manifesting this relationship? Was it to lead me to an even more perfect match? She was everything I was looking for in a woman. But I guess the perfect match would be that and no long distance, logistical issues, or worldview differences? What do I do now to get rid of this empty feeling of being on my own? I was fine before, but after experiencing this relationship now I feel the lack of not being in a relationship like the one I had.


Dear Matt,

You attracted this relationship because you were a vibrational match to it at the time it was formed. Since you are no longer a match to that relationship, it ended and this is a very good thing. From your perspective you might wish that the conditions of the relationship were different than they were. This happens because you are trying to make something work. But you cannot argue with the vibration. The vibration, your vibration, is everything. You are at a different vibration now and so you are ready for more.

At the time this relationship began, you had a certain set of beliefs. Your idea of who you were, what a relationship would look like, and what you thought you wanted at the time is different than the beliefs you hold now. You see yourself differently. You see her differently. You have different feelings, thoughts and beliefs. You might think you are the same as you were, but obviously you are not. You have changed and so you are ready for what you want now.

This is a good thing. This is progress. You might not be able to imagine what is next, but there is something even better waiting for you. All you have to do is remember that you are a being of love on a journey from fear and into love. If you can have faith that what you now are ready for is coming to you, you can regain your alignment. In alignment, you will be inspired. Follow the inspiration when it comes and do whatever action you are inspired to do and you will arrive ready for the next relationship at the perfect time.

All that you experienced in this past relationship enabled you to come to a new set of beliefs. This expansive experience was necessary. However, it was never meant to be a life-long relationship. Think of it as a step in the direction of what you truly want. Without this wonderful step, you could not be ready for the next step.

You have not lost anything. Nothing can truly be lost in an attractive environment such as this. You are eternally connected in the nonphysical. This coming together was necessary for both of your journeys. She has changed also. She has reached a new vibrational level as well. Everything worked out perfectly. If you tried to maintain the relationship from a different vibrational place, it would have created more contrast and conflict. That was never necessary nor was it part of the plan. You are both ready for something new and something more.

Nothing in this environment is meant to be lasting. You may choose to make it last as long as it is enjoyable and fulfilling. The moment it stops being fun means that you are ready for something more. Something more is always coming as long as you allow it. If you choose to linger in a lower emotional state of being, you will receive thoughts that compound how you are feeling and this will stall the process. Your work now is to appreciate the past experiences because they have brought you to this moment. Find a way to feel good and get back into alignment. Be eager as you move toward what is preferred now. Be curious about the inspiration you are to receive and all the new people who will enter your life. But above all, remember that you are worthy of anything you truly want and so it must be on its way to you. That is, as long as you choose to allow it to come!

With our love,
We are Joshua