Dear Joshua,

My husband and I have been able to manifest many great things together in our life. Sometimes it’s a little scary how easily we co-create at times. I have also attracted some negative things so I try to be very conscious of my thoughts because I am very aware of how easily I can manifest things. I feel like this is a great blessing, although at times it can also be a curse when I am not in a positive place.

My question for you is if I can so easily manifest for myself, am I also able to manifest for someone very close to me such as my son? I have been known to worry excessively about him throughout his life. I believed he would make bad choices. He has, which has made me in turn worry more about him and visualize bad things happening to him, which in turn they have. He is now 21 and trying to work through his own issues as an adult. I still struggle with the worrisome thoughts about him. I love him so much and only want the best for him. He is a beautiful soul and has so much to offer the world.

Can I help to manifest great things for him and have my worrisome thoughts affected his journey in this life? We are supper connected and I believe we have had a past life together.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

Dear Mary Kay,

If a mother’s worry manifested into problems for her children, then all children would have problems because all mothers worry. The good news is that you cannot manifest anything for anyone else. You can only create in your reality and not in the reality of others. You came here to explore reality in your unique way and to live a life you intended to live prior to your birth. If it was possible for another to create in your reality, there would be no need to set intentions and no need to come to this reality in the first place. Because you can create whatever you want, you chose to come here to create your life and the version of you that exists now.

Your son chose to come here and live life in a unique way as well. He chose the time and place of his birth as well as his mother and father, because he knew the environment of his youth would launch him on a trajectory to discover that which he came here to explore. Think about why he chose you and your husband. Why would he choose you specifically? What is it about you that he believed would enhance his chances of living his life a certain way?

You cannot manifest wonderful things for your children; only they can do that. What you assume is wonderful may not be wonderful from the perspective of your son. You cannot know what he came here to explore, but you can have faith that he is well on the way to the discovery of this specific aspect of reality that intrigues him. It may seem like he’s going about it in a difficult way, but you cannot know what needs to happen for him to create desires strong enough to catapult him in the direction of this exploration. We know you wish his life was easier, but that would not cause the events that must occur for him to get where he needs to go. All you can do is trust that his vibration (and his inner self) are leading him in the right direction.

We would ask you not to worry, but we understand that this is not really possible. However, you must detach yourself from the present turmoil and allow him to go through it. There is nothing you can do that will make it any easier. What you might think is good for him may not be. Don’t fall into the trap of your Western society. Young people today come in with much stronger vibrations. They come prepared to explore some very specific things. Things you would not want to explore yourself. Things that you may judge as bad or wrong. But, there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and if you knew how badly he wanted to explore these things, you would allow him to do so.

All you can offer is your love, acceptance, and support. You can be on his side. You can accept him as he is without wanting him to be different. You can appreciate that what he is going through now will eventually lead to something he thinks is good. The only thing standing in his way is fear and he will have to overcome his fear at some point. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to help him with that. Only if he specifically asks for some help, advice, or direction should you respond. Anything else will be inspired from your perspective that he is struggling and it will not be beneficial.

Remember, the real reason you want him to do well and be happy is so that you can be happy yourself. You can be happy, even if he is not. He is working it out and from our perspective, it is a magical thing to behold. What you think is right for him is an opinion created out of fear with a hopeful result that would allow you to feel better. It is not for his highest good, or yours.

When he was a baby and learning to walk, he would stumble and fall. You did not carry him around all day so that he might not have to fall. You allowed him to fall and soon he learned how to walk. You do not need to pave his way and make his life smooth and easy. This would rob him of the experience he came for. He is expanding rapidly through this period of discomfort and that is a good thing. He is learning to walk all over again.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.