Hello Joshua,

I have a Question about “Low Energy Entities” (as opposed to Entities that maybe are Ghosts).

My best friend who I have known from school used to be a “happy-go-lucky” person..and a positive person who I used to love being around. But nowadays he is always moaning & groaning about anything & everything & he has a negative attitude. I used to enjoy his company, but now when I have been in his company I feel depressed, fatigued and tired!

Which brings me to ask about coming into contact with some “strangers” (shopkeepers.. people in crowds or on a bus etc.) who just seem to moan & groan & have a negative attitude and they also make me feel tired & fatigued! Even some of my work colleagues seem to moan all the time. Is it possible that these people are “infected” by lower energy Entities?

I believe that this is the reason why these friends/ strangers, etc. are so negative 24/7! Is it possible that these “low energy entities” are infecting our Auric fields? If my theory is correct then these “entities” could also be giving them negative thoughts in their minds and even affecting their health and self-esteem.

If Higher Beings of Love & Light give us positive thoughts in our minds, maybe these lower entities are giving us negative thoughts. I have practiced my theory and when I come across people who are always negative (I always feel fatigued and tired!). But when I come across happy and joyous people I always feel happy and positive!

If I am right then we need to be able to get rid of them somehow, possibly by calling on our inner beings or our Spirit Guide to help us get rid of this infection so we can start and live a healthy and positive happy life again.

Thank you
Love & Light

Dear Martin,

You are the creator of your own reality. No one can create in your reality and you cannot create in another’s reality. So people may influence you to a degree and you might influence others, but ultimately, you have no power to create in their reality and they cannot create in yours. This is true of nonphysical entities as well.

There are no negative entities and there are also no inherently negative people. All beings are based in love. Some may be limited in certain regards and you may perceive this as wrong or bad or even negative. It is not wrong and they are not bad. Who everyone truly is is a magnificent and limitless being of love. You all come here to explore various ideas in this realm of physical reality where everything is possible.

If you judge someone as negative, that judgment is based in fear and it is reflected from your unique perception of reality. You have a limiting belief about them. It is your limiting belief that causes you to perceive they are wrong. In reality, they are simply being how they are being and they cannot infect you. If you allow, they can influence you, but this is still your creation. Since you are in charge of your limiting beliefs, you are in charge of your perception of reality. Rather than asking them to be different than they are, why not ask yourself why you are surrounded by people you deem negative? What is your limiting belief? Without the limiting belief, you could not see their behavior as wrong.

It is up to you to create in your own reality. You are either tapping into streams of consciousness based in love or in fear. You are either surrounding yourself with people being in love or in fear. You are either choosing to express your love and acceptance or your fear and control. You have the ability to think any thought, to tap into any stream of consciousness and to adjust the intensity of any belief. This is your power. You alone control and create your reality. You either do this intentionally or subconsciously. Are you choosing to be the creator of your reality or are you allowing others to infect your reality with their fears?

It might seem as if another person can affect you. It might seem as if another person makes you feel something. However, it is never them, it is always you. You are choosing to react to people, events and conditions. These reactions create your future. Are you creating your future based in love or fear? Are you reacting in acceptance or control? Do you wish they were different than they are? It might seem easier to accept conditions and people if they would just conform to your beliefs, but that is not within your control. You control the intensity of your beliefs. This is how you create your reality.

With our love,
We are Joshua