Hi Joshua,

I wanted to ask you about a constant negative emotion I have around people who need to be the center of attention or the “look at me” stuff. Is it a reflection about an aspect of myself that I don’t enjoy? Can you help me uncover the limiting belief? I would appreciate it, it’s been with me a long time.


Dear Lizie,

When you think something is wrong, it has to do with a limiting belief. Without the limiting belief, it would be impossible to see it as wrong. Therefore, you have two options. You can try and change the thing you think is wrong, or you can identify the limiting belief and prove that the belief is false. If you try to change the thing, you are acting on the old approach of control and it cannot work. This is an attractive universe. You attract based on your focus of attention. When you think something is right, you are focused on the goodness of it. You add energy to it and so you attract more of it. When you are focused on something you think is bad or wrong, you add energy to it and so you attract more of it. If you neither think it is right or wrong, it becomes neutral and you do not add any energy to it and so it is not attracted, because it is no longer part of your personal exploration.

You receive an abundance of experiences that allow you to explore whatever you are focused on. This is how the system was designed. It is a perfect system, because it allows you to fully explore whatever you want. However, you have not understood this system. Your old approach to life tells you that by hating what you do not like, you can force it away. Now that you understand that this is an attractive reality, you know that you cannot push anything away. It’s simply not possible. In fact, you would not like to have the ability to push things away that you did not like. That’s because soon enough, you would push away everything and you’d be standing there all alone with nothing to explore.

So then, what’s wrong with being the center of attention? Does it take away attention from you? Do you feel like it’s wrong to be the center of attention? Do you believe that too much attention is a bad thing? Identify why you think it’s wrong and then find a way to fully accept it. It might be interesting to note that you have a desire to be the center of attention more often, but you have a limiting belief and so you do not allow yourself to be the center of attention as much as you would like. This is simply limiting. After all, you are the center of attention in your own life.

The issue is that you think things would be better if they were different than they are. You think you would feel better if the conditions changed. This is not true. The outside conditions cannot make you feel anything you do not already feel. Work on adjusting your attitude, your interior feelings, and your perspective. Try to see everything as right. Try to find the higher perspective on all subjects. Do not accept that if things were different, you would feel better. Feel better about all subjects and this will allow you to create a reality you prefer. It’s an inside job.

The fact is that you are the center of your universe and so is everyone else. Some people try to manufacture attention in order to fix a problem of unworthiness. Other people are naturally the center of attention because they already feel worthy. You are the center of your universe and you have millions of guides and supporters cheering you on. They watch every move you make. When you feel good, they send you love in the form of inspired ideas and loving thoughts. Thoughts based in love resonate with who you truly are. Thoughts based in fear are urges to control the conditions. Think differently about all things you don’t like and you’ll regain your alignment and receive more love-based thoughts. This is what you truly want.

With our love,
We are Joshua