Dear Joshua,

I was in between houses and finally have landed where I’ll be for a bit anyway, and I have a question that I cannot seem to find the answer myself, and am asking for your thoughts ….

My dogs had to go somewhere, and I have 3! But there did not seem to be any place that was reasonable and once I found the person that could take them for 10 weeks, she told me it would be $50 per day. I was actually a little hesitant, but then said, ok. There was not a whole lot of options, and the ones with formal training were about 2-3 thousand more. Well, the 10 week stay was 4000 dollars, and I have decided to distance myself from this woman and even the dog club I have been a member for the last 2.5 years … I guess I am still very surprised that she was totally ok with accepting $4,000 for just letting my dogs stay in her basement. They came home with a total of 10 ticks on them, and 3 ear infections, and some really weird bumps on their skin.

Anyway, how do i get past this and become grateful that my dogs had a place to stay? Any insights would be helpful here … Thank you so much. I have even thought about not having labradors as my choice of breed after this situation, it has affected me that much.

Anyway, thank you for your thoughts …

With gratitude and love,
Kimmie xoxo

Dear Kimmie,

This is a manifestation event and it points to a limiting belief. If you feel negative emotion, because you perceive something wrong has happened, then you know for certain that this is due to a limiting belief. If you feel that certain decisions were wrong, then this points to a limiting belief. If you perceive that the conditions (or people involved) should be different than they are, it’s due to the existence of a limiting belief. Without the limiting belief, the manifestation event would not have occurred, because it would serve no purpose.

Had your dogs emerged from the care of this person without any issues, then you would have felt good about the decision to leave them there. However, you had doubts the second you made the decision and so this points to a limiting belief. You believe that your dogs should be treated well. You believe that they should have somewhere nice to stay. The better options were available to you, but the cost appeared to be too high, when other options were available. So you made the decision to house them with this person. You did nothing wrong. Nothing bad actually happened. However, you perceive that you made the wrong decision and so you feel negative emotion.

Your decision was ultimately based on what you thought was best at the time. That’s perfectly acceptable. The difference between these accommodations and other accommodations is tied to your belief system. Had you chosen more expensive accommodations, things might have been different and then again, maybe not. You cannot know. The same outcome might have occurred no matter where you housed your animals. Remember, all of this is out of your control. You cannot create in the reality of your animals, even if you think that you can.

Domesticated animals are different from other animals. They have a very different perspective. They perceive that their owner is taking care of them rather than their own vibrations and inner guidance. They feel emotions differently than wild animals. They can also adopt some limiting beliefs. This is part of their journey of self-discovery, much like yours is. In this, they are not so different than you are, yet their awareness is more limited than yours.

When they are with you, they use your presence as their excuse to feel good. When they are removed from you, they use your absence as their excuse to feel bad. They perceive that you are responsible for how they feel. In feeling bad, they are resisting what is. Wild animals do not do this and so they allow well being to flow. In resistance, your dogs (like all life in resistance) cut off the flow of well being. Their resistance shows up as unwanted physical conditions. However, when they are with you again, they will allow well being to flow.

From your perspective, you perceive that you are responsible for every aspect of their experience of life. You are not. Of course, your limited perspective is based on limiting beliefs. But if you are the creator of your reality, can’t you see that they are also the creators of their reality? You have influence over them, but you do not create in their realities. This manifestation event was for them as well as you. They will receive the benefit of this experience when they transition to the nonphysical.

You still want to control the conditions. You still want to protect them and yourself from problems and unwanted outcomes. In this, you face resistance and you feel bad. You blame yourself. However, you have no control over their experience of life. They are self-reliant. They are self-contained. You are part of their experience, but you cannot create in their reality.

Accept them in their time of resistance and know that everything is working out. You did not make a poor decision. You could not have done anything differently. This event was for their benefit. You feel that if things were different, you would feel better, but this is an illusion. Stop reacting to conditions you perceive as wrong and start looking at such events from a higher perspective. This will allow you to process your limiting beliefs and regain your alignment. In alignment you will receive inspiration that will benefit everyone.

With our love,
We are Joshua