Hello Joshua,

I am currently experiencing very challenging times with both of my neighbors. They play off of each other, and I sense that the one neighbor is jealous of the relationship that was built between myself and the “other” neighbor. I dream of having really great boundaries with both of them, since they both like to just walk into my house whenever they want. I will often tell them not to do that, but then, something changes and they go back to just walking into my house. I am not happy with this. I want to run away at times, even just take my dogs and not come back, but I can’t do that since all of my stuff and my life are here. HELP!!! What am I supposed to be learning here???

Last night there was a very interesting interaction and I just wanted to go back on vacation to Hawaii. One neighbor is a 60 year old woman that I sense is unhappy with her life, and the other is an addict, that I unfortunately got intimately involved with. I would love to know how to proceed with these living arrangements. I am doing the best I can, but would love all of your insights…

Thank you for helping out!

Dear Kimmie,

From your perspective, you perceive that these people can create in your reality. You perceive that they are separate from you. You perceive that you do not love them like you would a family member, because they are not your family. You perceive them to be wrong, but there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. They can only be what you create and you have created this situation because it is all for you. So what do you do now? Instead of running away from it because it’s bad, turn around and lean into it, because it’s what you need to do to become the vibrational match to what it is you really want. Turn around, open your arms, embrace them and ask them to come closer.

Pushing away is not aligned with the laws of the universe and can never work. Running away doesn’t work because you have to take yourself with you. What you think you are running away from is your neighbors, but what it really is is what it always is; intimacy and love. It’s about acceptance and love. You want to express your love, as we have said many times, but you fear that because if it is not reciprocated in the way you think it should be, then you believe you will experience intense negative emotion and it’s just not worth it. People love you and then leave. Yes, that happens. But it’s only painful because you are so focused on receiving love. You got it backwards. What you truly want to experience is expressing your love. You’ve never really done that fully. Before you get to do it on others, why not practice by expressing your love to your neighbors?

If you express your love to them, you feel that they will invade your boundaries even more often. You’ll never get rid of them. No, you will never get rid of them, because like your family, they are eternally linked to you. In the nonphysical, both of these people will be loved by you to the exact same extent as anyone else you have ever or will ever know. There is no difference in the extent of your love in the nonphysical because it is not possible to love anyone other than fully and unconditionally. These people are just as entitled to your absolute love as anyone. They came into your life for a reason. The only way you can move to the next step is to turn around and love them. If you leave, others will be there for you to love, but they won’t be as easy as these two.

Leave your door open. Let them in any time. Let them see who you really are. You need no boundaries, because boundaries cannot work in an attractive universe. Give up your boundaries and let them all in. Let them in. Let them in. Make your mantra “let them in.” Love them anyway. Accept them anyway. Be easy with it. You can’t run and you can’t push away, all you can do is attract. You can attract their good sides, because you are a loving match to that, or you can attract their rotten sides, because you are a match to that.

This is your reality and your choice. They are here to help you develop your capacity to love and to be open, not to remain closed or to hide. Let them in and you won’t believe what will happen next. The universe is watching, so pay attention to your thoughts, words and actions. Be love and you attract love. Be fear and you attract more things to fear.

With our love for you,
We are Joshua