OMG Joshua!

I’ve been following your Q&A for some time now, and have loved them all, but today’s Question of the Week asked *exactly* the question I had, but from the point of view (POV) of the attorney. My POV is as the adult daughter of the attorney’s client: an elderly person in guardianship. I understand why you advise Michael (the attorney) that this is all a game, and that he should not be dragged down by the low-vibrations of his client.

Your response to Michael was: “We ask you to release the stress by ending the conflict. Simply say “You’re right. I apologize. I understand your perspective, but there’s nothing more I can do.” That’s all you need to say. This diffuses the situation. You are not making him [the client] wrong, you are simply easing the conflict. You are not accepting blame, you are simply empathizing with his perspective. That’s all he wants.” When clients hire an attorney in guardianship cases, they want and need a LOT more than mere empathy for the large sums of money attorneys ON ALL SIDES are allowed to charge the estate of the person in guardianship. Yes, the attorneys on all sides of a guardianship case get to charge the estate of the (still living human being) person put under guardianship. This is allowed by the Judge, who makes sure his/her appointed attorneys have unfettered access to all the assets of the person put under guardianship, while allowing the sides challenging the guardianship to also have access to the Ward’s assets for the purposes of legal billing.

This is why there is so much conflict in guardianship cases: it is fostered by the Judge who ensures all sides fight as much as possible, to ensure all attorneys on all sides can collect as much as possible in fees that never end, until the money runs out. Ultimately though, we’re talking about a person’s life here Joshua – and while it may be an incredibly lucrative game for the attorneys on all sides, for the person who is put under guardianship and their family — this is a matter of HUMAN LIFE, not a game in which attorneys can show empathy when they ‘lose.” So I believe the reason your answer is so dissatisfying is that it rests upon a supposition that I cannot find to be true in not just the case of my mother’s death, but in almost every guardianship case.

Your supposition that, “You will defend a client who has a reasonable issue.” is simply NOT TRUE. Attorneys in guardianship cases CANNOT go against the Judge, Period. As Michael states, “as it would be futile, unfair to the judge and his appointee, impermissible as a legal matter, and career suicide.” Michael is admitting right there — it would be futile. Why is reporting wrongdoing futile? Because Michael CANNOT go against the Judge, because it would be “career suicide.” Michael has to practice law time & again for the rest of his career, potentially many times again, in front of that same Judge, so of course Michael cannot, as an attorney, make any move to report anything that might be wrong. From my viewpoint, in my case, I have written proof that my identity was stolen the night my mother died (I believe murdered), that my stolen identity was used to bolster a false complaint against my mother\’s hospice nurse for stealing narcotics, which where stolen by my sister and cousin (cousin was the one who stole my identity and swore out complaint as the other daughter of my mother) while my phone & bank records prove I was 750 miles away. My mother\’s body was cremated within 24 hours (based upon my stolen identity\’s permission) so no determination of death was possible. An autopsy was specifically ruled out. But it was all documented that these are the facts of the night my mother died. Not 1 of my 3 attorneys would present these FACTS to not 1 of the 3 Judges who ended up presiding over my case.

Why was this admission of the truth, based upon factual documents, not permitted? Because it would have shown the courts had no right to seize control of my mother’s estate, but instead should have been investigating my mother’s death. This is the “game” that Judges and attorneys play all the time, and the attorneys clients are the pawns used to extract money from us, as we fight for justice. The only way a person ends up with anything in these situations is to stop fighting, accept that there is no justice anywhere in matters of guardianship or probate, and leave with as little money as the Judge allows them to have from their loved ones estate.

I agree that one must stop fighting, but to tell an attorney who makes a living off conflict that they’ve done their best (when they haven’t because they can’t go against the Judge, ever) is not a satisfying answer. Joshua, I think you’ve accepted Michael’s statements that he’s done what he can at face value, but you don’t look at the larger framework which prohibits Michael from making the difference he would truly like to make for his clients, because that simply is not possible within existing legal set-up that allows the Judge the ability to control every aspect of a person under guardianship, since the person under guardianship is no longer a person, but a piece of property belonging to the Court. It is true – ask Michael. Thanking you in advance for your providing a follow-up answer to this wonderful question of Michael’s. And THANK YOU Michael for being an attorney and asking this question. The universe is truly blessing me with this opportunity.

Love & light, Kelley

Dear Kelley,

If you have been listening to us for a little while, you have heard us say that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Anything that is seen to be wrong or bad is done so from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, everything is right. This is the framework of our teachings. Until you understand this fact of the universe, this basic truth, you cannot begin to comprehend how physical reality is designed.

You are a creator and your creation is you. You create your reality. No one can create in your reality, however they can and sometimes do influence you to create things that are not wanted. You can believe in wrong, but if you do, you must also believe that you are a victim of fate and not the creator of your own reality. You cannot have it both ways. You can either be the creator or the victim. The creator understands that everything is ultimately in their control and they may choose to take responsibility for their own creation. Others cannot be blamed. By believing that others are the cause of things that you perceive to be wrong, you hand over your power and you become the victim. You are not a victim you are a creator.

Everything that happens, happens for you, not to you. Everything that you believe is wrong, is actually right. This seems like an untrue statement in regard to your mother, but we want you to know that from the higher perspective, from your mother’s perspective, it all worked out as it was meant to. Even if you cannot or choose not to hear those words or believe them to be true, they are true. How do we know? We can see it all from a higher perspective and we understand the laws of the universe. Nothing happens to you, it all happens for you.

Your work is to see how it could have worked out, not only for your mother, but for you as well. What can be learned from this experience? What desires were created out of this experience? How could it have all been for the best? You can’t know what would have happened if things turned out differently. All you know is where you are now. You must acknowledge that fact and appreciate where you now stand is an expanded place. You have expanded as a result of this experience.

If you look back on the experience and feel resentment toward those who you believe did you an injustice, you carry with you a deep and powerful negative energy which must be released. You must let it go. Resentment builds momentum. This is a negative emotion which means that you are looking at the subject in a way that is out of alignment with who you really are and what you truly want. If you do not release it, it must grow. The pain of this must manifest in your reality.

You have two choices; you can hold onto the resentment by continuing to believe that what happened was wrong and you were personally injured as a result, or you can understand that nothing wrong happened and that everything worked out as it had to based on the momentum of your mother’s vibrational offering. Everything went perfectly right. If you carry on believing it was wrong, you will continue to feel bad. Resentment will lead to some specific physical issue if it’s not dealt with. If you can find a way to see the event as right, you will release your resentment and you will begin to feel good again.

This is a feeling reality. The only thing that really matters is how you feel. You are meant to feel good. Your mother wants you to feel good. Your mother feels good now. She is with you always and you can never lose her. Release your grief and focus on feeling as good as you can. Make it your priority to consider how you feel in every moment and strive to feel better and better.

You are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more than you could ever count. With all our love,

We are Joshua