Dear Joshua,

My grandmother died today. My mom is suffering pretty badly. Could I ask a favor and ask Joshua two questions on my mom’s behalf? I just asked her if she could ask her mom anything now, what would it be. She said: “Are you happy?” and “Do you forgive me?”

Do you think Joshua could tap into my grandmother and give my mother a personal message? I am not sure it’s possible and I hope you don’t mind me asking. My mother is very open minded and this could bring her significant comfort.


Dear Jennifer,

Your question, even though it comes from your mother, is such a common question that it is our joy to answer it for you, for your mother, and for those who will read our answer. To understand our answer is to understand the nature of physical reality. You have a significant understanding already and you will understand our answer fully because you already know (believe) that we are all eternal beings. There is no death, only life. When one transitions to the nonphysical there is no longer unhappiness, only joy. There is no longer resentment, only forgiveness. There is no longer regret, only love. There is no longer sadness, only happiness, There is no more of what you would call negative, there is only the positive.

When you are born into this physical reality, you come with the personality that you had when fully focused in the nonphysical realm. As you live a life in physical reality, on earth, in this time period, you add on to this personality from life experience and from beliefs you adopt along the way. Sometimes you are trying so hard to control the world around you that you adopt beliefs, attitudes, stances, that you would not want to adopt if you were living a life of ease and freedom. But your beliefs cause you to act in a way that is different from who you really are. Your grandmother apologizes for this and asks for your forgiveness. She has dropped all limiting beliefs, all struggle against what is, and has returned to her pure personality. That personality is one of complete and total love. She sends a message of love and is with all of you more now than ever. When you are thinking of her, she is with you in love.

She says there was never anything to forgive and she beams with pride and appreciation. When you think of her she wants you to think of her at her best and she knows you will remember those times and you will think of that when you think of her because she is now that and so much more. She wants you to be who you are and to feel free of fear and doubt. She says that there was too much fear in her life and it was never necessary and it is not needed in your lives either. She is watching over all of you and all is well with her and with you.

She wants you to know that you are loved more than you could imagine.