Dear Joshua,

Our cat, Tigger, made his transition to nonphysical this morning, as a result of our decision to stop the stress. We were unable to find another solution. He is de-clawed so we did not feel letting him out was a humane option.

Is he okay? And if it is possible to do so, please relay our love and sadness?


Dear Jennifer,

What we want to express to you is the feeling of complete love that is coming from Tigger. That is all he is able to express directly to you because he cannot express himself in language, only feelings.

What we can say to you about your decision is that it was for the highest good of all involved. It was the route to the nonphysical that he was ready for and it was easy and calm. The other way would have been both dramatic and traumatic for you and your family. He did want the adventure of it but he did not want to cause distress to you or your children. He is happy with the choice you made and wants you to feel no guilt. This was a manifestation event for you and a very important one.

The fact that you feel negative emotion in the form of guilt alerts you to the fact that you do not yet understand the true nature of transition to nonphysical. It is easier for animals because they do not have the concept of time. They just be in the moment and it matters not whether they are here for a day or a decade. They slip easily into the nonphysical and return easily into the physical.

But humans project their belief systems onto the one who has made the transition. There is always judgment around the way in which another dies be they human or animal. It is interesting to us that you readily choose the humane death for animals but not for yourselves. It would be much easier if you could simply choose for yourselves when and how to die so that it is the most comfortable.

You do not do that however, and therefore your deaths are almost always dramatic in some way. You cling to the belief that death is bad in any form. Either it comes too quickly or too slowly. It is either tragic or traumatic. If you could release the judgment around death you would make it easier for those who are ready to return to the nonphysical to do so. They do not go easily because of fear. Fear of hurting the ones left behind or fear of the unknown.

The easier way to deal with death is for everyone to come to understand that there is no death and there is no separation. You can feel and communicate with those, including Tigger, from their nonphysical position. They are still focused on you from their vantage point. With a pet who has transitioned, you can think of him and he will be with you. You can communicate with feelings. With a human you can actually converse. All it takes is belief and practice.

Tigger, like all who have transitioned, does not want those left behind to feel guilt. They want you to feel joy. They do not want you to remember them, they want you to be with them now, in your inner world. They may have left your outer world, but they are still very much a part of your inner world. You will experience them when you make your own transition, but you can also experience them now as you live in physical reality.

We understand that you want to keep this message private. Here lies another limiting belief. You believe by keeping this conversation private, others will not judge you for your decision. However, this is an important conversation. Others will benefit from this information. Your question is one of the most common questions humans have. This event, played out by you, Tigger, and your family, was done so to help not only you, but many others.

When you release your own self-judgment, you can release the fear of judgment from others. You do not understand the important role you play in the awakening of others on this planet. Many people you will never meet will change their perception of reality based on these questions you are asking. You are still not aware of your incredible powers of perception. While you understand you are unique to all the world, all of history and all of future, you still do not see yourself as uniquely important to All That Is.

You are loved more than you can imagine,