Dear Joshua,

Thank you for that response‚Ķ I am very tickled by it and it excites me incredibly. I’m sure I need to ponder it more, and will, but I’m hoping you can give me perspective on my limiting beliefs. I feel that I am pretty open minded but acknowledge that, like most humans, I have beliefs that are hindering my progress. Can Joshua help me to pinpoint which beliefs are holding me back the most at this point? Since you framed your answer to lead me in the direction you desire, am I on the right track?


Dear Jennifer,

We are glad you are enjoying our perspective. We see that you are open minded in many areas of your life and your beliefs are not so rigid that change is not possible. In fact, you are very willing to alter your beliefs, but you are hampered by some limiting beliefs in certain areas.

Your work is to identify these limiting beliefs yourself and to then change your perspective to lower the intensity of these hindering beliefs while simultaneously raising the intensity of beneficial beliefs. Since this can only be accomplished by you and the work you do on your own beliefs, it is not helpful for us to tell you each and every limiting belief that you hold. You must discover them for yourself. If we were to tell you that a particular belief was limiting, you might not believe us.

Your beliefs shape your reality fully and completely. One who believes that life is easy, full of beauty and joy, that people are kind and that well-being flows, lives a completely different experience from one who believes life is a struggle, that hardship is inevitable, and that people are cruel. The identification of limiting beliefs combined with the work to reduce the intensity of those beliefs, lead to direct improvement in your life experience. Therefore, this is the most powerful work you can do. If we can teach you the importance of this work, and how to do it on your own, you can improve any area of your life with ease.

You will always have limiting beliefs for as you reduce the intensity of one belief, and move to the next level of experience, a new limiting belief will present itself as an obstacle to your expansion. Learn to alter your beliefs on your own and you can tackle them as they arise. You can never annihilate a belief for nothing can be annihilated. You can only reduce the intensity of a belief that will always exist. You can also increase the intensity of positive beliefs.

To identify a limiting belief, simply notice when fear or doubt arises. When fear presents itself, you have a limiting belief about that subject. When you worry, you are focused on a thought that stems from a limiting belief. When doubt is present, so is a limiting belief.Conversely, when you feel confident, worthy, or empowered, beneficial beliefs have been activated.

Let’s now give you an example of a limiting belief that we can point out specifically for you. You have a cat which you feel is distressed and is causing problems by urinating in the house. This is such a problem that you have considered some drastic options. However, you have not considered simply allowing the cat to explore his new surroundings on his own terms. Why not? You fear for its safety. The fear is an indication of a limiting belief.

What is the limiting belief that has been revealed by this fear? There may be several present. You believe you have a guidance system. You believe you have the ability to allow and experience well-being. You believe you have the ability to create your own reality. Yet you do not believe your cat, your children, or those in your life have these abilities. You strive to protect them from dangers that may or may not exist. Therefore, you are living a conflicted experience which causes stress in your body.

If you can see the limiting belief, you are indeed open to a new set of beliefs which are more beneficial. If you can see your life from our perspective, you can alter your beliefs. However, if you are not able to see the limiting belief as we see it, you cannot change. If you are not able to acknowledge that you have a high-intensity, limiting belief, your stress will not be eased. If you choose to allow your limiting belief in this area to continue, it will grow and your stress will become larger in areas involving others in your life, not just your cat.

Your cat is your salvation in this area. It has offered to help you identify your beliefs at this critical time in your life. This is the easy way for you to change your beliefs. Your cat wants to show you that it is okay to trust the laws of the universe and to believe that well-being will flow and that he will be fine creating his own reality. He is brave and wants you to know that everything will work out if you learn to trust in his guidance system.

Now let’s explore the ramifications of the alteration of your belief that you must protect others for they are unable to protect themselves. Let’s say you abandon your fear for the safety of your cat and instead replace it with the belief that he will create his own reality as he desires. You then might let him to explore his new environment by allowing him on to the patio or even in the yard. Several things might happen. He might run off never to be seen again. He might be attacked and wounded by other animals. He might run straight back into the house. Or he might be just fine and interact with his environment joyously. Either way, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is your perspective.

If you can come to believe that your cat creates his own reality, is guided by his connection to his inner self, and allows well-being to flow or not, you can release yourself from the burden that you carry in regard to his well-being. Your command of his reality stifles his reason for existence. While he loves you, he also came here to explore this reality on his own terms as does everyone, including your children, parents, and spouse. When you try to control the conditions of their reality, you stifle their natural ability to create in their own reality. They look to you for guidance rather than their own inner self.

We are not saying that you should alter your behavior. We are simply asking you to look at your reality, and the realities of those around you, from a new perspective. You have an instinct to protect which is very strong. But when you fear for the safety of others, you uncover a limiting belief. As soon as you can acknowledge that, you will live a new, lighter, easier experience which you will enjoy immensely.

So when fear, doubt, or worry arise, think about the beliefs that accompany those thoughts. Believe in what you know to be true and intensify those beneficial beliefs and you will reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs. This is the work. It’s simple but it’s not easy because your beliefs are the basis of your experience. When you have thoughts of fear, replace them with thoughts of well-being and gradually you’ll change your beliefs.