Dear Joshua,

Since everything in our physical experience is a reflection of our inner world, are all other beings (human and animal) real (meaning they are having a physical experience just like us), or are some of them illusion?


Dear Jennifer,

Reality is an illusion, is it not? You are sensing vibration through your body. You see a tree, but it is just a vibrational pattern that is interacting with your vibrational pattern. The tree, as you sense it through your body, is different to you than it is to anyone else because of your unique perspective and set of beliefs. However, does this mean that the tree is not real?

There is a benefit to understanding the mechanism of physical reality. You are having a wonderfully unique experience in this form of being. You can use your powers of creation to create the life you desire. This is enhanced by the perception of vibration as real. Your experience is also enhanced by the constructs of time, space, movement, gravity and other earthly mechanisms. But the most appealing aspect of life is your interaction with other beings who occupy your planet.

Are these beings real or are they vibration? Is vibration not real simply because it is not seen by you and is therefore not tangible? That brings us to your question. If everything is based on your perspective as experienced through your senses and filtered by your beliefs, then everything must also be unique to you. That’s quite an interesting concept. Is your mate different to you than to his parents, or past mates, or children, or friends? Most certainly this is the case.

Just because you cannot perceive something does not make it less real. Many people do not perceive the Law of Attraction yet it pervades the universe. You cannot perceive all of the cells in your body, but they are there. An illusion is the perception of a vibration that is not perceived in a way that conforms to your set of beliefs. Therefore, every being that exists in physical reality is real and is having an experience whether it is perceived or not.

Let us further explore this concept. If you are the creator of your reality and all others are the creators of their reality, then are you creating people in your reality? If you expect your mate to be good to you and therefore he is loving and kind, did you create him and do you have control over how he responds to you or is he living his own experience in your universe? From your perspective you see that he is who he is and you have little control over his actions aside from demanding a certain behavior that pleases you. You do not really understand that it is your feelings about yourself that control how he reacts to you. How could this be? Certainly he is living his own experience independent of your experience.

Since you are the creator of your reality, you create everything within your reality, including all of the people. Just because they are living their own reality doesn’t mean that you lose control over your experience. It is your feelings and beliefs that cause you to create your reality as filtered through your perspective.

You see your mate quite differently than say, they way your best friend sees your mate. You could not imagine life without your mate, but your friend does not have the same feelings for him and therefore must be perceiving your mate completely differently than you. So now what does this mean for the individual? Is there not one person or are there many people all living and breathing within the same body? Are you are as you believe yourself to be or are you who your mate, or parents, or children believe you to be? You are all of those people and you change form in their presence. When you are alone at home with your child, you are quite a different person in that moment from the person you are at work, or out with your friends, or in bed with your mate.

You change in the moment vibrating from one frequency to another and shifting with the demands of the conditions that surround you at the time. The people around you also shift who they are in order to match your vibration in the moment. You can alter how they respond to you by shifting your vibration. As you intentionally raise your vibration, they must raise theirs in order to meet with you on your level. Therefore, by adjusting your vibration, you may cause those in your life to adjust as well. You have the power to change your vibration which causes others to alter their vibration.

You, at your core, have a set of beliefs about who you are. In any moment in time those beliefs come into play and create the version of you that is necessary to conform to your beliefs in the present condition. This is why we often say that you can do, be, or have anything you want. The caveat is that your beliefs must coincide with the behavior you are offering. Alter your beliefs and you’ll literally change who you are. The reflection of your beliefs is the person you see in the mirror. But that person changes in the presence of various circumstances.

We hope the answer to your question evokes even more questions.