Dear Joshua,

Since each of us perceives and translates vibration differently, do some of us do it the same – or are we all specifically unique? For example, the color blue that I see may not be the same color that one of my daughters sees. Is it possible that my other daughter does see it the same as me?


Dear Jennifer,

You are all unique to all of the world, to all of history, and to all of the future. You see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and feel all things differently because you all have a unique perspective. While it is, strictly speaking, possible for you to see the same color, it is not beneficial for you to think that others experience life the way you do. Your insistence that others should know what you know, see what you see, or feel what you feel is limiting and causes great conflict and stress.

Instead, a much more appropriate stance is to realize that everyone else is experiencing life differently. Therefore, some may not be ready to hear you. Some may not be ready to learn what you have to teach. Some may not understand you as clearly as you think they should. This is because they are vibrating at a different level. It is their vibration that allows them to view life as they do.

We you see something clearly and you expect another to see it as you do, you are assuming they are vibrating at the same frequency as you. They are not, for each of you maintains a completely unique vibrational pattern which is based on individual beliefs, thoughts, and unique life experience.

The greatest chasm we see in vibration is that between generations. The day you were born the earth was vibrating at a certain level. You were a match to that vibration at that time and thus, you were born into physical existence. The vibration of the earth has risen since that day and your children are now born into this new, higher vibration. Your children are born with a higher vibrational frequency than you. They see things completely differently than you do.

There are those being born now who have a unique view of the world. They cannot conform to your way of looking at the world because their vibration is of a much different frequency. You see them as flawed, but they are actually more advanced. They are here to teach you many things. The most important lesson they come to teach is acceptance and unconditional love.

Unconditional love can only exist when you do not or cannot change the conditions, yet you still experience love. It is in the striving to make others conform to the way you see things that causes most of your conflict.

This is a very important question that you are asking and it reaches into the depth of much of your frustration with others. In allowing others to view their world in their own unique way, you allow freedom to bloom and you remove the stress of conformity. It is less necessary than you believe for others to see the world as you see it. Allow them their opinions as flawed as you may believe them to be. For them, based on their unique perspective, it all makes sense.