Dear Joshua,

Please help my husband & I have been trying to conceive a baby for the last 2 years. We did conceive last year but lost our baby at 9 weeks. Can you please help me vibrate the correct way to attract our beautiful healthy child.

Kind regards,

Dear Heather,

Once you have attracted someone in your life, you cannot lose that person. You are eternally connected to everyone you know. Your baby was here to dip its toes into physical reality and that was all the physical experience it wanted or needed. As far as your baby was concerned, it was the perfect experience of physical reality. There is no need to feel sorrow or loss, you are eternally connected.

It is important to understand the framework of physical reality when creating the proper environment to attract that which you desire into your reality. First of all, you set certain intentions prior to your birth. You set your intentions with others and you chose roles to play so that you could discover the nuances of physical reality in this incarnation as Heather. The new life that will enter your reality has also set some intentions. You must be open to whatever comes your way. The more easy you are about the whole process, the better environment you will create. You want to create an environment of allowing.

You will allow the new person to enter your life, you will not make it happen. You have no control over this. It is a process of allowing. There’s nothing you can do other than to make the environment open to the introduction of the new person in your life. It may come through a birth of your own or through another channel. That is not up to you. That is up to the child.

You want a child to enter your life. You think you know how it should come and what it will look like. When you focus on such a narrow set of possibilities, you exclude all other possibilities and in doing so you disrupt the intentions you set prior to your birth. Even if the child is to come through you personally, the way you are looking at it makes it more difficult. There is too much stress and tension around the subject. This causes you to dip into a lower emotional state of being and from this point you will have difficulty receiving inspiration to act.

We suggest that you ease up on the subject and instead work to create an environment of allowing. Allow for many possibilities. Allow for every possibility. Allow for the fact that what you want is coming, but you cannot know how or when it will come. You are not yet a perfect vibrational match to what it is you truly want. Trust that the universe knows what you want and you will receive more than you could ever hope for. You may not know it now, but this is how you receive everything you truly want. This is a receptive universe and you receive that which you truly want if you will allow it. When you think you know what you want, you cannot recognize what you truly want when it comes and that is due to resistance and fear. Have no fear for you can only receive that which is a match to you. No other possibility exists.

See everything as right as it is. Pay more attention to how you feel. You attract based on how you feel. Feel good and you will be open to inspiration. You will be receptive to new information. Hold on stubbornly to what you think you want and your beliefs will remain unchanged. Unless your set of beliefs are modified, you will have difficulty recognizing that what you want is right in front of you. From a state of resistance, you cannot see the manifestation of your desire or any of the steps that lead to it. From a stance of fearless faith and acceptance, you will be led step by step to the exact actions at the exact timing and all you truly want will unfold as if by magic.

We are truly blessed to have this conversation with you. You will receive all that you want if you will relax and trust the process.

We are Joshua