Dear Joshua,

If there is nothing wrong in this world and I get upset because someone says something to me I initially see/choose to see or interpret as unkind or mean and see it as bad. For example my boys say something to each other that I view as unkind or as asking each other to behave in a certain way to control is fear, I now know and completely get that I see it from a lower perspective and that everything is FOR THEM and RIGHT.

So is the best way to deal with such manifestation events to keep quiet, say nothing to the boys or the other person and simply process the event and look at the limiting beliefs and what I believe to be true in that particular moment?

i.e say ‘this is FOR him and I don’t have the higher perspective, nothing in this universe is WRONG or RIGHT, it is just my judgement that makes it so’ or are there other things I need to do as well?

Many thanks

Dear Fabienne,

In a lower emotional state of being, you will naturally receive urges to change the conditions. Let’s use your example. If your boys are arguing or being mean to each other, you are triggered by a limiting belief and so you feel fear and dip into a lower emotional state. You believe that they are being wrong, from your lower perspective, and you want to make them right. You want to fix the problem you see right in front of you. But there is no problem. Your inner self sees no problem. You are being fooled by an illusion of wrong. The fear causes you to perceive that something bad is happening, when it is not. This is why you feel negative emotion.

Now, if the boys were in danger of injuring each other, of course you would feel fear and you would step in to sort it out. But there is a difference here. The fear would be considered rational and we would support your decision to change the conditions. That does not mean that your inner self would agree with you. Your inner self could not perceive the limited perspective that you see. Even if the boys might kill each other, your inner self would never see a problem with that because your inner self understands the complete perspective from its nonphysical position. To your inner self, death has no negative connotations. However, we will concede that your perspective will never change on this subject and so we will say that the fear of death or injury is a rational fear.

However, if your boys are not in any imminent physical danger, then the fear is irrational. You do not need to do anything other than identify and process your limiting belief. Without the limiting belief, you could not be affected by their behavior. It would be impossible. Fear could not arise. You would never ask them to be different than they are. It is the limiting belief about their behavior that becomes activated and causes you to feel fear and experience negative emotion. Do not try to change them, instead you must simply address and process your own limiting belief.

What makes you believe that boys should exist in harmony? There is no proof that a harmonious relationship will be of any benefit to them. They need to challenge each other. They need to learn to resolve conflict and to process their own fears and limiting beliefs. If you ask them to change, you will make them wrong and this will cause them to adopt their own limiting beliefs. Now, of course, they chose you and the conditions of their youth in order to adopt a set of beliefs; some of which they knew would be limiting. But you do not have to apply a conditional form of acceptance. Other people will do that for you and this is part of their trajectory.

This is not just about the boys. This is about all areas where you feel fear and negative emotion and you receive urges to change the conditions. That is the old approach of control. There is never a need to change the conditions when the fear is irrational. You must become proficient at addressing and processing your limiting beliefs. You must come to a place of absolute acceptance of yourself, the people in your life, and the conditions that surround you. Until you do that, you will be living in the old approach to life and your true soul’s purpose will continue to elude you.

With our love,
We are Joshua