Dear Joshua,

Thanks for the reply to my first question about my children. I now understand that they have their own guidance system and their own vibration and that when their vibration is a match to your teachings they will find them.

My son has noticed that I meditate and has asked me if he can also do this before going to sleep. You say I can’t create in his reality but I can influence him with my vibration. Is that an example of such influence? Also, if my children have come to explore the physical world with set intentions, does this mean that I have to simply watch them go through it without interfering because I know that all is right and their vibration will attract what they have come here for? I understand this completely but it scares me to think that they might get hurt. Or is that simply my limiting belief as a mum and I can let it go and focus on love and on the fact that everything is right instead? I think I might have even answered my own question. How fascinating!

Thanks for your time again. I really appreciate it.

Dear Fabienne,

You are witnessing how you can be a positive influence on your children when they want to join you in meditation, which is an extremely valuable practice. This is why they chose you as their mum. But can you also see where something you worry about might influence them in a negative manner? When you allow your irrational fears to restrict your freedom, your children are influenced in a way that allows them to believe that such fear is appropriate. They too adopt these fears from your influence. Most of your irrational fears have been adopted from others and now, if you carry on this habit of influence, your children will adopt them as well.

It is one thing to form a limiting belief that comes from direct experience. But most limiting beliefs come from the influence of others. Those with the most power of influence are parents. When you can teach your children to examine beliefs for themselves, to identify the difference between rational and irrational fear, and to realize when someone else’s fear is being projected onto them, you will influence them to realize that fear and beliefs need not be taken on without diligent examination.

We understand that as a parent you have a built-in fear of loss. You want to protect your child at all costs. This is part of the survival instinct. However, you know more about the laws of the universe and you can judge wether something is actually dangerous (rational fear applies) or seems unpleasant (irrational fear applies). You don’t want your child to get hurt either physically or emotionally. One is rational fear and the other is irrational. You might protect them from action physical harm, but not from potential emotional harm. You want to protect them from falling off a cliff, but not from failure.

Remember above all to teach your children that they have their own guidance system. When they feel positive emotion, they are aligned with who they really are and what they truly want. When they feel negative emotion, they are looking at the subject from a limited perspective and they are believing something is wrong. They are thinking in a way that brings up resistance and this is an indication of an irrational, fear-based, limiting belief. If they can stop and analyze the reason they feel the event is wrong, and look at the situation in a way that supports what they want, they will immediately feel better and this is a sign that they have regained their alignment.

Imagine raising your children in a way that aligns with the forces of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. Imagine influencing them in ways that support the discovery of their interests and passions and not in ways that limit their exploration. Imagine standing by watching them encounter challenges and frustrations knowing that this is all part of their plan. It was all intended. By you not smoothing out the bumps, they will have a much easier time becoming who they intended to be prior to their birth.

You are loved more than you can imagine.