Hi Gary and Joshua,

First of all I would like to thank you both for sharing your wonderful messages. I have just discovered (2 weeks ago) your teachings after spending some time studying with Abraham Hicks and Bashar in particular. I meditate daily, usually both am and pm and find it extremely useful. I understand and usually am able to apply most of the 15 codes in my daily life but sometimes I get caught up in the drama and the situation and become annoyed or start judging a situation or people around me.

Would you have any tips to help me avoid this? This matters to me all the more because I have an 8 and 5 year old boy and I would like to learn these and to lead a happy life. Do you also have suggestions as to how I can pass on your teachings to them? Many thanks in advance for your help. I am really grateful and appreciate your time.

Best wishes,

Dear Fabienne,

We are delighted to hear that you enjoy what we have to say and that you would like to expose our teachings to your children. We think this is a very nice idea, however we would like to remind you that you are a match to these teachings and others may or may not be. When your vibration was raised to a certain level, you became a match to our teachings. You were led to us, step by step. Once you got within the vibrational range of us, we entered your reality. You had to follow a path which included Abraham, Bashar and meditation. We resonate with those on the highest point of thought and thus our messages resonates with you.

When your children reach the vibrational frequency of our teachings, they will find us. If they are exposed to our teachings (or any teachings including reading, math, science, etc.) before they are a vibrational match, before they are ready, before they have an interest or a desire to learn, then our teachings will not be understood and may cause some confusion. This is not just true for children, but for everyone, adults included.

You cannot create in your children’s reality, but you can and do influence them. If you can influence them to be free of judgment, which is to be free of irrational fear, then this will help tremendously. If you can react with love when around them, rather than reacting out of fear, they will see your example and emulate it. Most children are raised in fear as their parents seek to protect them and smooth out the bumps in their journey. This is not helpful. Most parents seek to guide their children not understanding that they have built-in guidance systems of their own. Most parents try to make themselves feel better by raising children that conform to societal norms, yet each child is here to explore life in a unique way and should not be confined by the pressures of society.

Allow your children to expand naturally and they will find their interests and passions. Believe that they come at a higher vibrational frequency than you and understand that they are well prepared for the Earth environment of modern times. You need not fear for them, for they are seeking to understand their reality in their own way and this is why they chose you as their mother. You are providing the exact trajectory they need to explore reality as they intended prior to their birth. You are already doing a wonderful job and your example of alignment will allow them to move to great levels of freedom and expansion.

You are loved.