Hello Joshua,

My thing is the muggle echoes reverberating in my mind that it is not possible, I am deluding myself yadda, yadda, yadda, while my higher self laughs it all off and winks at me, telling me not to worry, sugar. How to stick with the latter?


Dear Elle,

Everyone experiences reality from their perspective. You assume that what you see, what you feel, and what you experience is quite similar to everyone else around you. However, this could not be further from the truth. What you experience in this life is completely and absolutely unique to you. In fact, this is how physical reality was designed. It is not possible for any two people to have the same experience. Every life and every experience of reality is unique.

So then, when someone sees something that is not possible for them, they are right. They are not a vibrational match to it. They cannot alter their beliefs, opinions, desires, attitudes, enough to come within the vibrational range of that idea. It is just too far removed from who they are being in the moment. And when they see you attempting to do something they don’t believe is possible, they must express their opinion. It is almost impossible for them not to do so because to them, it is quite obvious. This is because from their unique perspective, that thing you want, that idea you are pursuing, does not line up with their version of reality.

Because they believe that all are experiencing the same things in the same ways, they believe that what is right for them is right for everyone. They believe that what is possible or not possible for them is possible or not possible for those around them. This is why you see some cultures thrive and some become stagnant. In general, those living in the US, and even more so in certain parts of the US, have a more optimistic belief that all things are possible. Those cultures in other parts of the world believe that less is possible and so most do not even try. They are greatly influenced by those around them.

Imagine if you were raised in a household where your parents, based on their experience, told you that anything was possible or that nothing was possible. You know that they cannot create in your reality, but you also realize that their influence affects your belief system, which affects your vibration. If you were told that you can be, do and have anything, this influence on your belief system would be beneficial and as long as you allowed things to come to you, they would. Conversely, if you were told that you were worthless and could not do anything, yet you did not believe them, then their negative influence would have the opposite effect and you would succeed in spite of their influence. You see, it’s all up to you. You have complete control.

So you can see the muggles as just those with different perspectives who are so far removed vibrationally from the idea you have, that they just can’t see it. From their perspective, it’s just not possible because based on their beliefs, attitudes, etc., it’s not possible for them. And if it’s not possible for them, then it’s not possible for those around them, who they believe are just like them. You could use their negative influence as motivation to prove them wrong, and while this may work in the short term, it is not in alignment with who you really are and your results will not be as elegant as the results that stem from utilization of the leverage of the powers of the universe.

So, we say that if we were living your life and we had a desire, we would realize that our perspective was unique and could not be seen by others. We would not condemn the muggles for trying to influence us away from our dream. We would not make them wrong and their negative words would not motivate us. We would love them anyway and focus on what was important to us. We would realize that this is our universe and they are there to awaken us to our limiting beliefs and in doing so they serve us very well indeed.

You can be, have and do anything you desire in this reality. If others don’t understand that just yet, they might change their mind when they watch you achieve your desire.

We are Joshua