Dear Joshua,

Thank you very much for your invaluable message to my last question. I have found it extremely clarifying and helpful. As a result of your recent answer, the following relative question came to mind: Assuming that all living creatures are governed by the universal law of attraction, as well, I don’t understand how it comes about that some animals live a life with those that love and care for them, such as our beloved pets and there are those that suffer horrible abuse throughout their entire existence here on earth. I can’t imagine that animals resist whatever manifests in their lives, moment to moment, so why is a farm pig’s experience void of love and compassion and riddled with abuse when other animals, such as my two cats are experiencing a life of love, comfort and respect?

Thanks and Regards
Debra McFadden

Dear Debra,

The human experience is different than the animal experience here on Earth. You have a much wider perspective and you see a bigger picture. Animals have more narrow perspectives. You compare yourself to other humans and in this case to other animals. The animals do not. The animal is living his experience fully.

To you a single life seems extremely important and valuable. You might believe this is your only life. You might believe that death is the end to life and therefore death is something to fear. Animals come and go easily and are not concerned about one life. They come for the experience. The vast majority of animals live in joy. The ones you see as suffering have come for that experience.

You can see that humans have changed their attitudes about animals in the recent past. Most humans love and care for their domesticated animals far more now than in other times in your history. While you may notice abuse, it is getting better and it will improve as long as there are people like you who are passionate about the subject of animal welfare. As long as you focus on the well-being of all animals, rather than trying to stop people from abusing certain animals, you’ll create more well-being. If you fight against abuse, you’ll notice even more abuse and this will not help what you are trying to achieve.

Work toward the ideal. Do not push against the problem. Try to focus on improvement, rather than trying to eradicate a condition you think is wrong. Remember that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. What you consider to be wrong is simply an illusion derived from your limited perspective. The domesticated animals do not think it’s wrong. They too are striving for improvement and their lives are improving. Most animals come to be food and to replenish the vibration of the planet. This is the role they chose. It is part of the experience they seek. It is what is intended. They do seek improved conditions, but the conditions are not their priority. They are getting what they want from the experience. It may seem terrible to you, but to them, it is simply an experience that will help them expand to the next level.

You are loved more than you could imagine.