Dear Joshua,

I have been living your statement to me “Acceptance is more FUN” but this total acceptance has really shaken my faith that I create my own reality! We talked yesterday about our preferences and you said the universe has created all the best for us. I thought I created my own reality!

I have a specific example. During last bootcamp Frank and I experienced the miracle cure of his Stage 4 Colon Cancer mets to liver and lung. We lived life to the fullest during this time when most people are paralyzed with fear. We had fun, we meditated, we made out like teenagers, we contacted and felt the love from our millions, our friends and family and remained JOYFUL in this most difficult of times. We pushed through the fear, sold our business to create our desires. I mean, we saw the condition as perfect and we both thought we had created our healthy reality. I know you cannot create in another’s reality but we truly tackled this TIME together, each of us accepting everything that happened and secure in the knowledge that this was all for us. THEN BOOM! Last week Frank’s heart went crazy and now he is facing open heart surgery next week. Was all of our work for nothing? All of the acceptance?

I guess my real question is HOW DO I CREATE MY OWN REALITY WHEN ALL I AM REALLY DOING IS ACCEPTING? I don’t consider accepting and creating as the same thing.

Thank you for all of your wise and wonderful words and especially for my Clarity meditation. You have given us the chance to live a MUCH more joyful, judge-free, easy and FABULOUS life. AND we know you will help us tackle this speedbump in our journey!!

Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

What is the reality that you want to create? Is it the manipulation of conditions so that you think you will feel something you do not already feel or is it the reality that feels good to you? If you were to live in complete and absolute acceptance of all conditions fully knowing that this would allow you to live in more love, more joy and more in tune with the present moment, then what else would you want. You perceive that a life lived in joy is one where no manifestation events occur. Actually that is what would happen if you let go of control, let go of the desires you think you wanted, and became present in the moment. You would live a life of joy, because you would not fear that anything is going wrong. You would see it all from the higher perspective.

And so in the last year you lived in the moment more often accepting what you could and receiving more joy. You created that not through the manipulation of conditions, but through the intention to ease your fears and see that all was happening for you. And so you created a spectacular year, in spite of your fears. Your former self may not have been able to achieve this allowing state of being.

Now you face a new fear and so you are tempted to control the conditions and wish for things to be different than they are. That is your choice to make, but it will be ineffective. When you create the feeling of ease, faith and allowing, you create a reality based in love and not fear. If you wish that things were different, you are creating out of fear. If you persevere and accept that everything is working out perfectly, you will enjoy the moment in ease and love. This is how you create your reality.

Is your reality anything more than your perception? Do you have charge over your perception or does the universe control how you perceive your reality? Of course, you have full sovereignty over your perception of reality. If you perceive it as good, what have you created? A good feeling life. If you choose to perceive it as bad, this is still your absolute creation. Your inner self will guide you in this matter. When you perceive it as good and right as it is, you will receive positive emotion. When you succumb to the fear and the illusion of wrong, your guides will point out your state of being based in fear by sending you negative emotions.

The universe knows what you want and how to best offer it to you. You are not in this alone. You choose the feeling and the universe responds. You choose your perception and the universe responds. Do you need the conditions to be different to feel good? That is simply not the way the system works. Your power of perception is in your hands. We have showed you another perspective, a higher perspective. You can have faith in the system or not. You can understand the illusion that fear causes and seek clarity. This is your power over the illusion caused by fear. You are in full control over your perception of reality.

With our love,
We are Joshua