Dear Joshua,

I am entitled to more parenting time in my divorce and part of me wants to exercise it just to annoy my ex and part of it is so that I can be with my kids more. I am trying to navigate my limiting beliefs such that I am making a decision based on my highest best intentions and not fears. What is your perspective?


Dear Christian,

Whenever you have a decision to make, it will either be based in fear or love. When you receive an idea about anything, it will either be inspiration or an urge to change a condition. The thought is attracted based on the vibration you are emitting at the time. You are either emitting a vibration of love or fear. You are either feeling good and in alignment or you are not feeling good and you’re temporarily out of alignment. You are either tapped into Source/love consciousness or fear/lack consciousness. You might not really know if the idea is an urge or inspired. As you become better and better at noticing how you feel and approaching life from a stance of love and acceptance, you will be able to discern the difference more easily.

Who you are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Who you are being at any moment in time is a somewhat limited version of that. Who you are being determines the source of the idea. However, there is no wrong in any of this. You cannot make a wrong decision. If you act on inspiration, you will move further along to become who you truly are. If you act on an urge, you might step into a manifestation event that, if you receive the information contained in the event, will move you along toward becoming who you truly are.

When you act on inspiration, moving through the fear that will always pop up, you are exploring who you authentically are. Your authentic self is defined as one who is not limited by irrational fear. In order to do anything you are inspired to do, you must push past the fear that will inevitably show up. The fact that you are acting on inspiration proves that you are exploring the authentic version of yourself.

If you receive an urge to change the conditions, prove something, or make someone else wrong, you have a decision to make. You can either wait until you are in alignment and then think about the idea from that state of being, or you can take action on the urge. If you choose to act on an urge, you will change the conditions. The conditions are never wrong, they are always perfect. However, you perceive them to be wrong and this is the cause of the urge. So changing the conditions is also an act of exploration. In this case, you are exploring who you are not.

You are an explorer of physical reality. You are on the path of discovering who you truly are. When acting on inspiration, you are exploring. When acting on an urge, you are also exploring. Sometimes, you explore who you are and this leads you to a more expanded understanding of yourself. When you act on an urge, you are exploring who you are not and if you pay attention, this will also expand your knowledge of yourself. Therefore, you cannot do anything wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. The question is what is the most effective approach to life? What will yield the best results? The results being; what will lead to the best feeling?

The only results to consider are how you feel. This is a feeling reality and all that matters is how you feel. Think about how you will feel if you spend more time with your children. Think of how you feel if you are punishing your ex by removing her children during that time. There is no wrong, it is a matter of feeling. Feeling good will always lead to the higher good for all. Feeling bad just feels bad.

With our love,
We are Joshua