Dear Joshua,

How can I help my children at a young age become conscious of their path early? They are ages 4 & 7 right now.


Dear Annilia,

In a natural world, free from the influences of parents, peers, teachers and society, your children would gravitate toward those subjects that interested them. They would be free to pursue anything that caught their interest without concern for what others might think. They would be fascinated by certain things and that fascination would lead to other interests and so on until they found whatever it was they came here to explore. It is a natural process which follows a path from one interest to the next until a passion is found.

When your children become passionate about something, that passion may last a week or a lifetime. The duration of the passion is not important because interests and passions lead to further interests and passions. When they are influenced to believe that a certain interest is not a good one, they might abandon that interest too quickly. Conversely, if they are influenced that a certain interest is positive in your eyes, they may pursue that interest longer than they naturally would have.

As their mother you must trust that each of your children has their own inner guidance system. It is important for you to allow them as much leeway as possible so that they may pick and choose what is interesting to them in the moment. It is just as important for you not to be too enthusiastic about an interest you believe is good as it is to allow them to pursue an interest that you do not particularly like. If you can get out of the way as much as possible, your children will naturally find their paths in this life at an early age.

The most important thing for you to remember is that your children chose you as their mother. You provide the trajectory that will lead them to what they came here to discover. You cannot get it wrong. You cannot create in their reality, all you can do is influence it. If you can withhold judgment regarding their pursuits as much as possible, you will be doing exactly what they knew you would do prior to their birth into this environment.

Your children came to this world having very high vibrational patterns and are fully equipped to navigate the world as it is today. It is natural for a mother to be concerned. But you need not worry for your children because they knew what they were doing when they chose you as their mother.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.