Why You Are Here?


Physical reality is your playground. You deliberately chose to experience physical reality. Before entering this physical world you set your intentions. You intended to enjoy life fully. You intended to have fun. You intended to be free and to be secure. You knew you were worthy. You intended to explore this environment and to expand joyously. You are meant to grow as a result of your life experience and to do so in joy. Joyous expansion is your birthright. Anything less is unsatisfactory.

You chose to be here now. This is the time of awakening and you knew life would be so much more meaningful in this time. You came to explore conscious creation in this time where anything is possible. There is so much going on now. Never before in history or in the future will there be a time quite like now. It is exhilarating to be alive if you can see what’s really going on here.

Just a few decades ago, life was much more structured. People were expected to play their roles. Few people had the freedoms you enjoy today. If you were a woman born in another time, you had a structured and confined role in life. If you were an ethnic minority, you had little freedom of expression. If you were a white male, you had severe limits to your behavior. If you were poor, you had little hope of overcoming your situation. Just a few decades ago life was vastly different. The freedom you have now, to be whoever you really want to be, is unlimited. The only limits to your freedom are your beliefs about yourself. We hope to alter those beliefs.

Your physical reality is just one form of reality. Imagine a large apartment building in the city. You are in one apartment. This apartment is called physical reality. There are many apartments in that building and each has a different type of physical reality. The city surrounding that building is called nonphysical reality. You came from the nonphysical and moved into that apartment.

You are presently focused in physical reality here on earth. You chose this environment and you have been here many times before. In fact, when you are not physically focused, you still are completely and absolutely aware of what is happening in this reality. That means that anyone in your life who has died (transitioned to nonphysical) is still with you here on earth. They are eagerly participating with you here. They are aware of you and you can be aware of them.

You chose to be here at this time. You chose the time and place of your birth. You chose your parents. You chose it all from your higher, broader, nonphysical perspective. Even if you don’t believe you would choose all of this knowing what you now know, you did and you are happy with your decision. How can you be happy with the decision you made from the nonphysical realm? It’s because part of you still exists in the nonphysical. That part of you is your inner self.

Your inner self is part of the nonphysical realm and is fully aware of every thought, feeling, and emotion you experience. Your inner self is cheering you on and wants you to get everything you desire. Your inner self is your guide in this physical world and can see and know things you do not see or know. Your inner self knows how to get you whatever it is you want and is always there leading you to it.

Your inner self knows your true path in this life and will keep you on your path if you can become aware of its guidance. Your inner self is always calling you to your path. You are always being led to what you want. You may not be aware of this guidance, but your inner self never gives up guiding you. We are going to explain how this guidance works in the real world.

You were born with emotions. You have categorized and analyzed your emotions into narrow definitions. For now we will simply call them either good-feeling emotions or bad-feeling emotions. We will call them positive emotions or negative emotions. When you experience a good-feeling emotion that is your guidance from within letting you know that you are on the right track. When you feel a bad-feeling emotion you are receiving guidance from within that you are veering off your path.

You are free to do, be, or have whatever you want. You can live a life of misery and you can justify your misery in endless detail. You can also choose to listen to your guidance system and allow yourself to be led to what your inner self knows you really want. It may not seem like you’re on your way there, but that is simply an illusion caused by your limited perspective.

Your inner self can see the world around you from a distance that allows full view. While you, from your more narrow perspective, see a reality around you, your inner self can see it from a much larger and broader perspective. When something appears to go wrong you might experience negative emotion. This means that you are not seeing the whole picture. The thing that went wrong is actually for the best. It is right and it is part of the journey. It is the event that will lead to the ultimate manifestation of what you really want even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

This experience can be displayed vividly as you remember your first love. Would you really want to be with that person now? Probably not. Your first love was just one of many that would eventually lead you to the love that will fulfill you in a much deeper way. You had to go through this first experience to reach even greater experiences. You experienced negative emotions at the time, but if you knew then what you know now, your pain would likely never have been felt.

It is like that with all negative emotion. If you saw the bigger picture, from our point of view, you would never feel negative emotion. The only reason you feel bad is because you can’t see what we see. It’s okay, you may feel any emotion you wish, just know that it is telling you that you’re a bit off track from what you really want.

Emotion stems from a reaction to a thought. The thought might come as a reaction to an event. If you witness something and you receive a thought as a result of what you witnessed, you will feel either positive or negative emotion. If the thought feels good or brings up a good-feeling emotion such as joy, happiness, love, appreciation, compassion, hope, etc., it is the indication that your inner self feels the same way about this subject. Your inner self sees your experience from a broader perspective and has a definite opinion about whatever you are experiencing. Your inner self has a job to do and that job is to lead you to the fulfillment of your desires.

One of the most powerful tools your inner self utilizes is your emotions. When you are in alignment with your inner self you are on the path to your desires. Your inner self can see the road ahead. Your inner self knows just how to get you to the manifestation of your desires and knows the quickest and easiest route. You, however, are a back-seat driver. You think you know the way there. You are not realizing that you have this guidance system so it is natural to ignore or misunderstand your emotions.

As you feel positive emotions, it is your indication that you and your inner self agree with whatever thought you are having in the moment. It means you are on the right track. You are on your way to receiving what you desire. You are going with the flow.

When you think a thought and feel negative emotion such as anger, envy, jealousy, apathy, frustrations, pity, despair, depression, hatred, etc. it means that your inner self is not in agreement with you on this topic. It means the thought you are thinking is attracting what you do not want into your experience. Your inner self wants you to think about something else. Think of something that is pleasing right away. Ignore whatever is making you feel the negative emotion. Turn your other cheek toward what is pleasing. Think about what you want. Do not dwell on this subject that is causing negative emotion.

This world is a vibrational world and the supreme law that governs every aspect of your physical reality is the Law of Attraction. You get whatever you think about. Whatever you place your attention on is brought to you. When you like something you get more of it. When you hate something you get more of that too. When you push away something you do not like it comes back to you larger and more aggressively.

Your inner self knows the workings of the universe and physical reality. Your inner self knows that when you see something you like, you will attract more of it into your experience. So every time you see something you want, your inner self sends you a message. The message comes in the form of positive emotion in the moment. Your inner self is saying “keep looking at this thing that is pleasing and you, through the Law of Attraction, will bring more of it in your physical experience.”

The same system works when your inner self sees that you are presently focused on something you do not like. This is something you are noticing in your reality that you certainly would not want more of in your own experience. Maybe it is happening to someone else. As you witness this event you are attracting the essence of that event into your own life. You are immediately sent a message from your inner self to look away. The message comes in the form of negative emotion. The message is warning you that if you continue to focus your attention on this aspect of life, this aspect that you would not want in your own life, then you might take your attention from it and put it on something wanted.

This system of communication from your inner self was intended to be obvious. You feel emotion strongly from the inside. It is not something other people can readily see. You can feel fear and not show it. The emotion is personal. It only comes as a response to a thought and it is easy to determine which emotions feel good and which emotions feel bad. But your society has influenced you to ignore your emotions. It is not considered appropriate for you to show your emotions and many people have repressed their emotions. You have also become accustomed to your bad-feeling emotions so that they are not as powerful as they were intended to be.

You were meant to live a life of joy. You are supposed to feel good most of the time. In this environment of feeling good and experiencing joy, a negative emotion really stands out. It is quite obvious when a thought that enters your mind causes an unpleasant emotion. You stop and take notice. It feels so bad in relation to the way you normally feel that you have no choice but to reflect on this emotion. You will stop and try to figure out what caused the negative emotion and then you will realize that you are focusing on something unwanted. You will then turn your attention away from that and to what is wanted. It is the most natural of all processes. Yet you are likely to be unaware of its purpose.

You are so used to the feelings of negative emotion, you take them for granted. You believe that you have some positive emotions and you have some negative emotions and that’s just the way it is. Your good-feeling emotions are stifled and your negative emotions are accepted. You are dulled to the impact of your emotions through the influence of your society.

Highly emotional people are viewed with disdain. You are not permitted to be overly happy or overly miserable. Your lives are muted in this sense. We want you to know that you are supposed to feel good most of the time and when you don’t feel good from the experience of negative emotion, you are meant to stop and realize what is happening. You are meant to understand that you are focused on something that does not serve you. You are looking at something that is taking you further from what you really want. You are witnessing a problem that will grow larger because of your attention to it. You are seeing the negative aspect of something and you are attracting those negative aspects into your own experience. Stop what you are doing and turn your attention back to what is pleasing to you.

It is good to feel emotions fully. It is good to feel a positive emotion and to ramp up and extenuate these feelings as far as you can. The better you feel about anything, the better it will get. You are supposed to be happy and feel joy. You did not intend to be bored or miserable. You are allowed to get excited and laugh out loud. You are supposed to be interested in things and have passion for life. You were designed to dream of something you want and to receive your dream. Your emotions are your guide. Use your guidance system to bring you to your dreams.

Let’s talk about the practical application of this emotional guidance system. You start with a basis of feeling good. You encounter a thought and immediately that thought either feels good or feels bad. If it feels good then think about it more and you will begin to attract the essence of that thought into your physical experience. If the thought feels bad then quickly move on to another thought. Remove your attention from that thought and bring about another thought. Keep going until you feel some positive emotion.

You do not have to monitor each thought for this is not possible. You should however notice when a thought feels bad. The worse it feels, the less you want the object of your focus to appear in your life. These thoughts are to be left alone and replaced by better-feeling thoughts. You have control over what you think. You can think of many thoughts and you can change your thoughts. It takes practice but you have the ability to control what is going through your mind at any time.

You must understand and believe in the Law of Attraction for your emotional guidance system to work for you. You must realize that you get what you think about. If you understand and believe this fact, then you can use your emotions to your benefit. The universe and your reality is based on this fundamental law. You cannot escape it. If it works for one it works for all. It is the basis of reality as you know it. You accept the Law of Gravity and you must also accept the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts. This is how you control what comes into your life. If you can dream it, believe in your dream, believe that you are worthy of your dream and expect your dream to come to you, the Law of Attraction must bring it to you. This is why you are here. You are here to practice your power to work with the Law of Attraction in this environment of time and space. You are here to expand your powers.

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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