What Love Is?


You do not really understand the concept of love from where you now stand. Very few have experienced true love. You have felt good in the presence of your newborn child and you might say this is the highest expression of love. Yet when we talk of love, it is the absence of fear that is the major component. So when you look at your child or mate and you feel love, you also feel fear. You fear for the loss of what you love.

This is perfectly natural and is really unavoidable given the way you live within your society. But if you could imagine love without fear, the feeling you experienced looking into your newborn baby’s eyes would be quite different. It would be elevated. Becoming who you really are means living in love without the aspect of fear. Reducing fear enhances love. Eliminating fear allows only love.

The elimination of fear is strictly a concept used for the purposes of defining love. It is not possible to eliminate fear fully just as it is not possible to eliminate anything fully. If a fearful thought exists anywhere, then fear exists at some level. However, as you reduce fear you automatically allow more love. As we teach you ways to reduce the intensity and frequency of fearful thoughts, we help you experience more love. It is the allowing of love that allows you to discover who you really are.

Isn’t it ironic that you all understand that love is something to be brought into your everyday experience of life, yet you are more fearful of it than anything else? You have been taught to fear love. You have learned to withhold love. You are very careful not to display too much love. In your society it is not acceptable to fully express your love. You are a guarded people. You are taught to put up defenses and struggle to protect yourselves at all costs.

Since love is the basis of who you really are, you are designed to love freely and fully. It is right and good to express love. The only reason you would not express your love is fear. It’s fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, fear of loss and many other equally irrational fears. You cannot lose when you truly love. You cannot be other than who you really are when you are showing love. When you act out of love, you are performing as the highest version of yourself.

You have a learned behavior of resisting love. You are cautious when entering relationships. You are cautious when meeting new people. You like your small groups. You have learned to worry about what others think. You have been taught to behave in a certain manner in order to fit within your social groups. You have learned to disguise who you really are.

Love is freedom and as you were designed to express love, you were always meant to be free. True freedom lies in being who you really are. When you limit or place restrictions on who you really are, you limit your freedom. When you are less than who you really are, you are imprisoned by your own restrictions. Since you yearn for total freedom, any restriction on who you really are causes inner tension and stress. You want freedom, but you also want to fit into your group. However, when you behave in a way that is different from who you really are, you become an inauthentic version of yourself and everyone else feels this deception in some way.

You might try your best to act in a way that you feel will please others in order to fit in and be a part of some social structure you deem worthy. But while you are acting in a way that is not true to who you really are, you are not even getting close to what you really want. You want love and acceptance from others, but you are not the one giving love since you are acting in a way that defies who you are rather than in a way that defines who you are. This all stems from fear.

When you love more, you reduce fear. When you love fully, you all but eliminate fear. Imagine your life if you could love everyone you met with the same, full and complete expression of total love. If you could love at this level, you would not care what anyone thinks of you. Loving at this level does not allow for thoughts of fear. You would not fear rejection, loss, embarrassment, or anything else. You would simply love.

If you lived in total love you would not be able to see the negatives in anything since you would have no fear in you. You would not complain since you love everything. You would not worry since there would be nothing to worry about. You could not get higher, you could not do better; you would just love.

We understand that this is a concept that stretches your imagination. We know that there are few examples of a life lived in pure love. But we use this as a tool to help you understand how adding love to your approach to life will help reduce your fears. There is no reason not to love. It is simply your own fears holding you apart from becoming who you really are. You can love more and once you do, you will radically change your approach to life.

We Are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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