Imagine that you had access to all the information there was. At any point in time, you would know the total and complete reality. There would be no missing information. You would see every situation clearly. There would be no doubt or fear. There would be nothing missing or unknown. This is the higher perspective.

Now imagine that you have no access to this information. What if all you knew now was all you would ever know? What if no new information could come to you or anyone else? Since there are so many unknowns, you could not really discern the true reality from the illusion. This gap in information would give rise to fear and doubt. This lack of information would create a limited perspective.

You do not have all the information. There are many unknowns that exist in your reality. However, you and all of humanity has access to the infinite intelligence of the universe. One day your society will understand this mechanism. Until then, you can seek and find all the information you need to explore reality as you intended prior to your birth. It is all there waiting for you. All you have to do is understand how the flow of information works. You must first realize that you do not manufacture thoughts and ideas in your mind. You receive them by becoming a vibrational match to the information. You find a good-feeling state of being and you come into the vibrational range of the idea. This is how inspired ideas flow to all humans. Most of those brilliant humans who receive wonderful new ideas believe that they came up with the idea themselves. They do not realize that the idea was delivered to them the moment they became a match to the idea.

Desire is what launches you on a trajectory to becoming a match to everything you want including new thoughts and ideas. The desire is the engine of manifestation and it will take you there as long as you do not resit the path you must travel. As long as you remain a willing participant, you will receive all that you need to do whatever you need to do and that includes the ideas and inspiration to move you along that path. You need nothing other than to receive the ideas and then the courage to act on them. If you have fear, you will limit some of the ideas from coming to you as well as some of the actions you must take to develop those ideas.

All of the cumulative knowledge that humans have amassed in the history of this civilization is but a tiny fraction of the information that is available in the universe. All thoughts that have ever been thought still exist and all thoughts that will ever been thought also exist. The new ideas exist as potential and will be retrieved as soon as someone becomes a vibrational match to each and every one. Ideas that are not necessary in this time will not be retrieved because there is no desire for those ideas. However all the ideas that will be of benefit to mankind at this time are ready to be plucked out of the ether by those who can utilize the ideas.

Fifty years ago, for instance, there was no need for the internet because few individuals owned computers. As soon as personal computers were widely adopted, the need to connect them all came into existence and so the internet was born. Can you even imagine life without the internet now?

In the near future, you will birth desires for all sorts of new technology that might seem irrelevant to you now. The shift to a decentralized world might seem unnecessary to you at this time, but the desire has been birthed and a trajectory has been formed. In another twenty years, the idea of a centralized world will seem antiquated. Many other such transformations are well underway. You might fear the changes that are to come, but that is because you lack the information that you will possess once those changes become the norm. Your perspective is limited because you do not have enough information. In the future, you will receive the information you need and your perspective will be raised. You can raise your perspective right now.

In order to reduce the limiting effects of a narrow perspective, you must find a way to reduce the element of fear. You can realize that fear arises from a limited perspective because, in the lack of information, you see the illusion of reality that seems dangerous. In truth, there is nothing to fear. If you were to suddenly receive all the information regarding any situation or topic, the fear would vanish. Therefore, you must find a way to receive more information on your own. You do this by imagining what you would know if you had more information.

Imagine that you are a shy person and you meet someone new. You might perceive that they think of you in a certain manner. It might be favorable or unfavorable. If you perceive that they like you, you are looking at the situation from a higher perspective. You do not have much information, you do not know what they are thinking about you, but you find the higher perspective by imagining that they think highly of you. If you perceive that they do not like you, you are allowing your lack of information to bring in fear. It might be the fear that you are not worthy of their acceptance. This is the limited perspective based in a lack of information. However, whether you choose the higher perspective or the limited one, you have access to the same information. If you imagine that you had all the information you needed, you would see things as they truly are and this would lessen the potential for fear.

You personally will never have all the information, so you are left with two options. You can continue to allow the lack of information to cause you to take the limited perspective or you can seek the higher perspective. If you choose the limited perspective, you will constantly be engaged in a state of fear. This is the old approach to life of victimhood. The indulgence in the limited perspective is a form of control. You assume you are a victim and so you seek to protect yourself by fearing the worst. In the new approach to life you recognize that you are the creator of your reality and so you choose your perspective in order to reduce the limiting effects of fear. You work on your own limiting beliefs. You accept all that exists as right for you. You define your personal preferences and leave everything else to everyone else.

Many people will not follow you to the higher perspective. They firmly believe that what they know is true. They do not look beyond that which they believe. However, if a limiting beliefs exists, it is false. It does nothing other than create an illusory version of reality. It is not the true reality. It is a way of looking at problems as wrong and tending to be defeated by those problems. In reality, there are no real problems because the solution to every potential problem already exists and someone will become a match to it when the time is right. Therefore, you never need to worry. Worry and all other negative emotions come from submitting to the limited perspective.

With our love,
We are Joshua

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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