A Radical New Approach To Government


You are in a time of awakening and millions of people all over the world are coming out of the haze of duality and embracing neutrality. When you come to know the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality, the mass consciousness of your world will shift. There will be more of you living in love and less living in fear. Change will occur naturally and swiftly. Flawed institutions will crumble and human separations will fall apart. You will become as one and will live in harmony. You will allow the standards of all to rise and you will balance your own standards as well.

As you learn to base you personal decisions on love, your government will begin to do the same. You will look back on this period in your history and you will not truly believe the progress that has been made is such a short time. Here is what will happen as the consciousness moves from fear to love.

Without fear you have no need for armies or borders. You will have no need for many different countries and many governments. You will have no need for separation since you operate from a stance of love and acceptance. You not only tolerate your cultural differences, you appreciate those differences for the tapestry that is created. When you have a mass consciousness that has shifted from fear to love, you have no need for any institution that constricts your personal freedom.

As consciousness shifts from fear to love, you will see all as truly equal and worthy. You will not condemn one to prison for doing something that you do not approve of. In an environment of love, you will support those who are still operating out of fear and lack. You will help them rather than lock them away, out of sight.

Your attention will be on what is wanted, not fighting against what is not wanted. More of you will understand the laws of the universe and you will understand that your attention to anything from a stance of fear will only cause the object of that fear to grow. You will realize that anything and everything you want is attracted from a stance of love and appreciation. Therefore, you will realize that the way to build the society that serves what you want is to create it out of love, not fear.

All of your decisions will be based on love. You will eliminate most of your laws since they were created out of fear. You will come to understand that your laws only restrict the freedom of law abiding people and do nothing to control the actions of those who would commit the crimes regardless of the law. You will move toward freedom when you make decisions based on love.

Much of the fear in your society is the fear of loss. You believe you are entitled to the wealth you enjoy. You fear that sharing your wealth with the poor, whether they may live in your own country or another, will cause you to lose your standard of living. But you offset this grand lifestyle by operating from a stance of fear. You must constantly be on guard for you perceive that others may take what is yours.

In the future, you will be more alined with abundance and less focused on lack. You will not see that resources are scarce, but that the power of creation is abundant. You will not fear losing anything because you will understand that you are the creator of your reality and as you believe in your creative abilities and you understand the mechanism of physical reality, you do not worry about the possibility of loss. Loss will cease to exist as a fear.

The fear of loss can only occur within the unconscious mind. If you understand how this reality is designed, then you can never lose anything. The loss of something only makes room for a new thing to enter. If you give away everything you own, you allow new things to come. If you hold onto what you have out of fear, then you prevent more from entering your reality.

When a society, as a mass consciousness, releases its fear of loss, Perfect worldmiraculous changes can occur. By the time this happens your government will be unrecognizable from the form of government you are so familiar with today. In the near future, you will come together as a people understanding the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. You will no longer have separate approaches to governance. The conscious will lead the unconscious to a new awakening of reality. What is really important will be how you represent yourselves as a people.

The great shift will occur when you come to understand that you are all one. This might be the most surreal aspect of awakening. The fact is that you are all extensions of creation. You all come from the same place. You will all return to the same place. It is simply an aspect of physical reality that makes you believe you are separate. But you are all one.

Individuality seems like a preferable condition, but it is not. You have simply become accustomed to it. When in the nonphysical realm you will flow together as one of many. You will prefer to be together. You will not see individuality as preferable.

Harmony is a blending of vibration. To live and experience harmony is to live life as who you really are. Without fear there would be only love. You do not need to fear others as they cannot create in your reality. You do not need to fear the poor for they cannot take from you. But if you can share what you have, out of love and abundance, then you can experience a release of fear and love will grow. Out of love comes greater abundance. You have no enemies when you live in love. Everyone is your enemy when you live in fear.

Now imagine your country governed by conscious people operating from the stance of love. They do not fear loss for they know of the abundance that is the basis of this reality. They do not argue for they know there is no such thing as wrong, just a difference of perspective. They work to see the unique perspective of others and from that view, they understand what the other is wanting. They do not judge, for their position is neutral. The accept what is and place their attention on what is wanted. They do not see problems to solve, they simply orchestrate the mechanism of government from a position of acceptance and appreciation.

We Are Joshua!

Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua’s first book “A Perception of Reality” explains the nature of reality using plain English in an easy-to-understand format. This book is the next step for those awakened individuals seeking higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

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