If you have read anything we have previously written, you have heard us say that you are as worthy as any who have ever or will ever live. You are exactly as worthy as anyone else on the planet. Your value is identical to everyone you know and everyone who exists right now. The fact that you are worthy means that you can have, be, and do anything you desire in this playground called physical reality.

You are a unique expression of source. You are here to explore reality from a unique perspective. No other person has ever or will ever perceive reality as you are perceiving it right now. You are completely and absolutely unique to all the universe. Your unique experience of life adds to the sum total of the universe since each point of perspective is equally unique and all points of perspective are equally valid and valuable, one not more so than any other. Your complete and total uniqueness proves your worthiness and value to all that is.

If you can birth a desire, you can achieve that desire. There’s nothing more to it than that. Once you’ve birthed the desire, you either allow it to come to you or resist it. Once you birth a desire, the universe finds a way to bring it to you. If you allow it to come, by going with the flow and not fighting against things, it will come. If you are constantly arguing with the conditions, you are resisting what you want.

You are worthy of all that you want. Your doubt that you are worthy is what causes much of your resistance. Fear and self-doubt are resistant in nature. Love, confidence, and ease are allowing in nature. When you experience self-doubt, you are feeling unworthy. When you experience confidence, you are feeling worthy. Worthy-feeling people allow what they want to flow to them. Unworthy-feeling people resist it because they fear receiving that which they are not worthy of.

You may feel worthy. You might consider yourself to be confident. But if you are resisting anything, there is a little unworthiness in there. Remove some of those feelings of unworthiness and you will begin to allow more to come to you. How do you come to actually know your own worthiness? You adopt a higher perspective on your life.

You are an eternal and limitless being of pure positive love. You are love. That’s who you are. That’s who everyone is. You are all part of source and source is pure love. Who you really are is a being of love. Who you are being right now, in your home, in your body, is something less than that. You are moving from who you are right now, to who you really are. You are an eternal and limitless being of pure positive love.

When you transition to the nonphysical, you will reemerge as a being of pure positive love. You will return to the fullest and broadest expression of who you really are. You will shed all your fear and regain pure love and acceptance.

In physical reality, your path is one of moving from a fear-based being to a love-based being. You are in the process of moving from fear to love. You have done this many, many times in countless other lives. In this life, you are closer to being who you really are than in any other life. It is a progression from one life to the next. You are becoming more conscious and self-aware. Everyone is on the journey to becoming who they really are. Some are fighting it and others are progressing with ease and joy.

Who you think you are is not who you are. This is due to the structure of physical reality. You have an identity. We call it your persona. Your ego guards against the loss or injury of the persona just as the survival instinct guards against the loss or injury of the body. The ego tries to protect the persona. It is a survival mechanism.

In the past, long, long ago, one’s persona was really very basic and the ego was not so pronounced. Times were simpler then and when one lived in a very small and tight-knit community, one’s persona was not very fragile, because all knew where they stood in their community. Today, your society is quite large and advanced. You now have opportunities where few existed in historic times. You are not bound by the restraints of a closed society but are free to explore your world as you please. Never before in the history of your society have so many been offered so many options and opportunities. In this society, your persona becomes quite fragile and your ego must work hard to protect it.

You see yourself as a success or failure, as intelligent or not, as a good parent, lover, child, friend, employee, boss, etc. You identify with your career, your education, your race and color, your possessions, your mate, etc. Yet none of these things have anything to do with who you really are. They are all part of the persona you have developed and nothing more. They do not represent the real you. They are all aspects of the real you but are diminished due to irrational fear. Your ego uses irrational fear to protect the persona.

If you consider yourself to be polite and proper, you would react negatively if someone were to infer that you were being rude. The ego wants to protect your view of yourself. Since you view yourself as polite, being considered rude is an affront against your persona. Your ego instills fear and you react to that fear by adopting a limiting perspective and as a result, you feel negative emotion. Since you see yourself in a certain light, you cannot be wrong, for that would jeopardize your persona. So you attack the person who called you rude and make them wrong. This is how many fights are started.

If you recognized that you are a being of pure positive love, not the false edifice of your persona, your ego could not be bruised. If you knew you were a being of love, then nothing could be done to embarrass, anger, or sorrow you. Your ego would fade into the background because it would serve no purpose. When you live as a being of love, you are without fear. Since ego uses fear, your ego would have nothing to use.

You are not your persona. You are not really who you think you are. You are far more than that. You have far more to offer. You are far more powerful than you think. You are as worthy as any who have ever lived and you have the ability to access infinite intelligence and leverage the powers of the universe in any way you see fit. You are the creator of your life and you can adopt complete control over the quality of your life. You are responsible for everything in your reality. There is no fate or luck; it is all created by you. You have all the power.