A Radical Change In Your Approach to LifeWhat if you were to wake up tomorrow morning with the complete and full knowledge of who you really are? What if you became the fullest and most profound manifestation of you? Your creation is you, and there is a peak point of creation. There is a version of you that is the absolute, real, and actual you. It is the you that has the power to deliberately create your reality. What if you became the ultimate version of you tomorrow?

Imagine for a moment that you knew who you really are. What would that mean? What would that look like? How would you be different? How would you behave? What would your life look like if you lived as if you knew who you really were? It would be a radical change in your approach to life.

There are two aspects of you: love and fear. You have a set of beliefs, of habits, and of routine, reactionary behaviors. Some of your actions stem from beliefs rooted in love, and some stem from beliefs rooted in fear. Take away the fear and what’s left? Love. So the basis of your being is love. What does a life based on love with an absence of fear look like? How does one exist in this world expressing only love and no fear? Is this even possible?

When you were born into this world, you were born as a being comprised of love, expressing love, and feeling love. You loved your parents, your grandparents, your siblings, your pets, and your environment. You are a spiritual, vibrational being living in a physical world with a brandnew physical body. This body has certain aspects that enhance the physical experience you are taking on. One of the key aspects of this physical body is the survival instinct. This instinct creates the body’s ability to experience fear. Fear in certain circumstances is a good thing. It keeps you away from cliffs and out of lions’ mouths.

Fear is an aspect of reality that is necessary. Yet in your present life you no longer fear falling from heights or being chased by wild animals. You now fear bills, embarrassment, failure, and conditions outside of your control. These are fabricated, irrational fears. These are fears that have been concocted from undisciplined thought. It is your mind that is producing these elements of fear that have no real basis for existing in your life. If you find yourself arguing with this idea that your fears have no justification, you are simply providing evidence that your thoughts are undisciplined.

It is the thinking that causes a life of love or fear. Thinking without regard for the thought and the ramifications of those thoughts is what is creating chaos or stagnation in your life. Your thoughts control your perception of your life. Your thoughts form the basis of your reality. If you can’t get your thoughts in line, you cannot create the life you truly desire. In these pages we will explore the means of creating the version of you that lives more in love and less in fear. The highest expression of your life is one of love. We will show you how to move in that direction.

It matters not what you have been living up to this point in time. You will learn to come to peace with everything that has happened in your past. You will learn to use that past as a springboard to your future. We will teach you methods that will create ease in your life and help you gain a new and more solid understanding of the mechanism of physical existence and how to create the life that you intended prior to your birth.


Do you really know who you are? Can you even glimpse the magnificence that is you from where you now stand? Probably not, for this highest version of you is quite different from your personal ideals of what you think you could possibly be. From where you now stand, you lack the perspective to envision your own potential. Isn’t that interesting? You can’t see who you could become from where you are now. Your highest imagination of who you could be, what you could achieve, how you would behave, what you would be interested in, and how you would express yourself, are all completely and utterly hidden from you as you now stand. This is an interesting concept because it means you must go through a process of self-discovery.

If we were to show you a picture or a video of who you really are, you would not be able to recognize yourself. This is a good thing, because the ultimate version of you is so different from who you are now that it would seem alien to you. You might not even like what you saw. This is why you must embark on a journey, a long journey, of self-discovery. You must be led, step by step to slowly unraveling the mystery that is you.

We are not talking about going into your past and analyzing why things happened the way they did. We are talking about moving forward and uncovering the layers you have placed upon yourself so that you could shield yourself from the world. We will be stripping off those layers and exposing them. We will show you that the protection you thought you were gaining from these layers never did anything to protect you. These layers of fear only served to weigh you down and make your life more insulated.

As you created layers of fear and added them to your personality and your approach to life, you placed restrictions on how you experienced life. These layers of fear made you numb to life, which only added more layers. If you continue living life as you have been, you will continue to add more layers and become even more insulated from life. One day you’ll find that your greatest joy in life is simply tuning life out. If you find yourself watching TV rather than doing what you really want to do, it is because you have added so many layers. The fear makes you believe that being less than who you really are is comfortable. This comfort you feel is a false comfort. We will show you this and you will begin to look at your life in a new way.

Comfort is the surrender to fear. Comfort is really not natural in physical experience. In order to become who you really are, you must confront your fears and experience discomfort. Therefore, comfort is your worst enemy. You should seek uncomfortable conditions and experiences. If you had no fear, these conditions and experiences would not seem uncomfortable; they would feel like challenge and exhilaration.

Exhilaration is the emotion felt when you overcome a fear. A roller coaster ride is not comfortable, yet the experience is exhilarating. But this is a simple example. Each of you experience fear in unique and personal ways. What is easy for one person may be extremely difficult for another. It is based on their fear surrounding the experience. If you can overcome the fear, you will find the experience exhilarating. If you allow the fear to overcome you, you will find the experience terrifying and extremely unpleasant.

The experience itself is neutral. It is neither terrifying nor exhilarating. It is just an experience. It’s your ability to overcome or succumb to your fears that defines the experience. If you overcome your fears, you will feel positive emotion. If you succumb to your fears you will feel negative emotion. But it is always up to you. You always have power over any experience. You can choose what each experience brings to you. You can go through any experience and overcome any fear. You have the power – you just don’t know it yet.


Let’s return to the idea of who you really are. Are you able to recognize that there is more to you than you understand? Can you know that you are older, wiser, stronger, more confident, more loving, more beautiful, more caring, and more courageous than the person you see when you look in the mirror? It is important for you to know that there is more to you than you are now able to understand. If you can grasp this truth, you can move toward that version of you that exists on another level. But you must first believe that there is more to you than you might know right now. We want to introduce you to the complete you that exists inside you and all around you. This you is the inner you.

Some call this part of yourself “the soul” or “your inner being” or one of many other names. We call the larger you your “inner self,” and you must come to know your inner self in order for us to lead you through the steps to becoming who you really are. If you can believe that what we are saying is coming from a higher, broader, and wiser perspective and believe that what we tell you about your inner self is true, you can quickly move to an understanding of how to become the highest version of you. In order to move to the next level, you will have to come to know and then learn to communicate with your inner self.

So let us introduce you to your inner self. First of all, your inner self is you. There is no separation. The only difference is that while you are in your body and you’re physically focused, your inner self is also nonphysically focused. Your inner self hears every one of your thoughts and feels every one of your emotions. Your inner self is with you every moment of the day. Your inner self knows what you want in the tiniest detail.

Your inner self also knows how to get you what you want. Your inner self can see the landscape that stretches out ahead of your path. It knows how to get you where you want to go. It knows what is needed for you to get what you really, truly want. Your inner self also knows who you really are. Your inner self is primarily focused on helping you become the highest version of you. We will talk more about your inner self as we move along. For now, understand that you have a partner in all of this. You are not taking one step on your own. You have support, and more importantly, you have guidance. We will teach you how to understand the guidance and how to use it to navigate your journey to becoming who you really are.

This book is not about helping you win the lottery, for you have already won it. This book is not about helping you find love because you are already loved more than you can imagine. This book is not about helping you overcome some unwanted condition because the side effect of becoming who you really are will create conditions that are so far beyond anything you could imagine. This book is only about discovering who you really are and living a life based on love.